Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Digging In The Dirt

Yes, it's another yard post! Yesterday I spent all day "out in the field" at work. Walking around orchards looking at thrust blocks. I was pretty exhausted when I got home and was thinking seriously about taking a nap. I took the dog out to potty when I got home, and then?

Never went back in.

I ended up cleaning the back area up a bit more and planting some bell peppers back there. .I made it just a bit wider. This picture shows me just how much we need to paint. Such an ugly spot on the wall from the air conditioner dripping.

It was kind of warm back there so I I went and sat down in the front and had some water and noticed a bunch of grass coming up in the flower bed so I weeded that.

Then I went all the way down the side of the house and cleaned up the weeds growing along it. If my husband would just get the weed eater working I wouldn't have to do this. We bought a really nice one a few years ago. Then something happened where he needed to change something on it. I keep saying we should buy a new one and he'll say "I'll fix it". Which never happens. So I just end up digging along everything because I hate the grass growing up next to the house/garage/flower beds. I'm pretty sure I'm ready to make this side look a bit more like the other side of the house, with some low maintenance plants.

It looks a bit messy here but it's a nice and care free garden. Don't mind the hose I was watering.

I had to drag myself away from working outside because everyone was hungry.

Oh have I ever showed you guys these little bugs we get on our house every year? They turn into lady bugs. It's the weirdest thing. They attatch to our house and then eventually out climbs a lady bug.

After dinner I took a shower and waited for Scott to get off the computer. He's working on a resume. His friend is trying to help him get a job with UPS working on the converor belt things. He's changed it about 4 times now. He sends it to his friend and he says you should change xx and then he spends hours working on it again.  Eventually I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to be done.

I'm so sore today. Especially my legs. It's raining a bit. Hopefully it stops so I can work out on the yard some more when I get home. Love this time of year!
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Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Feels so good to get out there and get stuff done! I always love when seasons change and we enter into a new season. I'm always ready for the old one to end.

Chris H said...

I don't get why you do all the gardening? Does your hubby do any?
I hate dirt on my hands so don't do ANY at all!
You certainly seem to know what you are doing, your gardens look fantastic.

Chris H said...

Well.... except for the weeds! lol

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