Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Day, A Fluffy Dog and a Baby.

Well today was another busy day. 

Doing paychecks at work. Then realizing that there is no printer hooked up.
Waiting while someone finds and hooks up a printer.
Be surprised when it actually works.
Get taught how to do the employee taxes.
Even though I don't want to.

Come home.
Sit down long enough to make sure we still have some money.
Take the kids to all get hair cuts.
Go to the Redbox machine and get movie for the girls 
and a Wii game for Trevor.
Wonder why I didn't think about getting him games before.
Pick up (sugar free) candy for Charlie and my father in law.
Spend $12 on candy once the kids get some too. 

Go to the care home and watch the kids entertain my FIL while he eats his dinner.
And Trevor drinks his juice.

Charlie liked his candy too :)
Come home.
Jess made hamburger helper while I did the dishes.

And now, it's 7:30

So how do you like this adorable white fluffy dog? 
She belongs to my cousin. 
We went to see her and her baby last week and OMG. 
I love the dog!! 
I wanted to stuff her in my purse and take her home with me.

oh and here's the girls with the baby. 
He was cute too.
(but the DOG...!) 

Too bad this one turned out blurry! 
He was one slobbery baby :)

He'll probably be in 6th grade or something next time we see him. 
Kids grow up too darn fast!
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Megan (Best of Fates) said...

You're right - the doggie is definitely cuter than the baby!

sarah said...

What kind of dog was that?? TOOOOO STINKING cute!!!!!

Julie H said...

Well the baby IS cute, those just didn't turn out that well lol.

She said she was told the dog is a Pomeranian and Terrier mix. I'm guessing West Highland Terrier since she looks so much like my mom's Mr. Wiggins.

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