Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Needs Kitty Prayers

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Awww lookie there I lost a follower. That makes me sad. I know I haven't been very entertaining lately. I keep wanting to blog but there is someone always hanging over my shoulder and I don't like to blog when people are hanging around.

My kids are out of school. Not sure if I mentioned that or not.  Surprisingly I haven't been getting calls all day at work and so far they haven't killed each other.

Today I got home from work and then had to take the cat in to get his drain out. I'm glad that disgusting thing is gone. Blech! I couldn't find my OTHER cat this morning or after I got home. I looked everywhere in the house and even outside. She mostly stays in the house and keeps acting not quite right. I was very upset that I couldn't find her since she's been so off, if she somehow got outside that would definitely be the end of her.

After taking Buster to the vet for the drain I dropped him and Trevor off at home and then went to the grocery store. When I got home I was putting the groceries away and out walks Sydney right out of the cabinet. I swear I looked in there quite a few times and never saw her curled up in there. Her eyes were very dilated and she was making a weird noise. She is so thin I don't think she's been eating much. I was holding her on the couch and just started bawling.  I'm pretty sure her end is near. :( I think maybe she's had a few little strokes or something.

Well I have more to blog about but that's enough for now. I hope if she has to go she goes on her own while she's sleeping so we can bury her somewhere in the garden. I hate having to take them in to put them to sleep :(Pin It

1 comment:

Sara Strand said...

Oh no! That is awful, Julie. But you're right, it sounds like her end is near so I hope she goes in her sleep too. :(

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