Monday, October 17, 2011

7th Grade Halloween Party & More

Here's Melissa in her Halloween costume from Saturday night. She went to a boy/girl party down the street. The party was at a boy's house (she swears he's not her boyfriend!).

She's a Butterfly. See, there are wings back there. Everything is covered and she had shorts and a tank on underneath so it's all good.

Her sock is currently in the freezer. It has gum on it. Someone threw their gum on the floor and she stepped on it. She was VERY ANGRY. She said a bunch of the boys were acting up and throwing Skittles around the room.

Gotta love 7th grade boys! At least they weren't playing spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven.

Bring on the throwing of the candy!

Yes, that's why we don't have parties at our house. Plus I don't want to be responsible for those "less immature" boys.

Ahh brings back memories of "way back when" when I was a kid.

My oldest isn't going to dress up this year she says. Score! One less costume to buy. How old were you when you stopped going trick or treating? I think I probably didn't go after 6th grade. I remember going with a big bunch of girls that year but not after.  Our neighborhood is a little different than a regular town neighborhood when it comes to trick or treating. Everyone knows everyone and hands out a HAND FULL of candy. Occasionally a soda or some other beverage. A lot  of people drive golf carts. Sadly the people that did the float year before last (and another year) don't live out here anymore. That was a bunch of fun. Last year sucked walking around. Wow I just looked back and I didn't blog about that.

So last year my friend was out here with her sister and her niece walking the niece around. Scott and I were taking Trevor around in the car, mostly me walking with Trevor and him driving the car. When there would be a big space between houses we'd hop in. (Melissa was off with her friends and Jess went off with someone too)  So my friend wanted us to go around with her and I thought that would be fun too. So we did and Scott drove along behind us even though I told him he could just go home and I'd call him when we were done. It was actually kind of annoying. So my friend decides she's done at one point and Scott leaves to give them a ride back to her dad's house. Of course then we decide we are REALLY tired. It's REALLY dark and he.never.comes.back.

We walk about half way home before he finally comes along to pick us up. Yeah I was a real happy camper. Maybe this year I can get my mom to drive her golf cart around for us. Or let us borrow it. That would be sweet :)

Are you all ready for Halloween? Do you go out with the kids or stay home and pass out candy?Pin It


Anonymous said...

she looks so cute! and boys are so dumb at that age. Not mine of course, but mine wouldn't be caught dead at a boy/girl party! lol! We always go t or t about 40 min away in gma and gpas sub where dh grew up. Tons of houses and they all pass out CHOCOLATE! no yucky candy around there! They get quite the haul. Kyle says he isn't going this year but he'll walk with us b/c we stop at a friends' parents house and they always have us sit for a while and drink cider and eat donuts! I will miss it when they are too old!!! No one t or t's to our door!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I LOVE halloween.
I'm ready and I've got all the candy! Full size Reese cups and Snickers. Hate'em so if left over I'm safe. I adore seeing the little ones.

Anonymous said...

He's in 8th grade now. Ashley is in 5th and it makes me sad b/c Kyle is almost taller than me and Ashley is only about an inch shorter (I'm 5'5 1/2) and so I don't feel like I have any babies anymore. Time to get a dog. lol


Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

How cute is she! Ahhh, I remember my first boy/girl party :) xo

Megan said...

That outfit is fabulous -and I totally undertand her annoyance, it's the socks that really bring it together!

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