Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thursday

Anyone else come across this photo on Pinterest? This guy kept track of his weight loss on his stairway wall. Pretty cool. He has a great story too.

And whoa! He's quite the hotty! Hopefully he is able to keep it off. It seems that the people that are successful at keeping weight off are the people that make exercise a priority. Maybe that's why my staircase would be a bit more up and down ;)  As I'm wearing my slightly tight fat girl clothes :sigh: Someday I'll find my motivation again.


In other news, last night Scott attempted to make some salsa. What that really means is that he yelled to me in the other room approximately 5000 times asking me how to make it and what to do. Eventually I heard him say that it was too much work so I went in to assess the damage. HOLY COW!! I had pretty much cleaned up as I went when I made dinner so there was only a bit of stuff on the counter but he was making salsa on top of whatever was already on the counter and had a holy mess going on. I was like well first of all, you should really clean up your work area before you get started.... then proceeded to help him make salsa. Our magic bullet bit the dust while we were making it. I think it's time to buy a regular food processor. I remembered I had a little chopper one so we used that a few spoonfulls at a time. The salsa turned out SO GOOD! We had started to just taste it but it was so good we wanted more. Hmm maybe that contributes to the above problem..


This morning my friend and I were talking about ghosts. She thinks she has a ghost in her house that she rents. Do you believe in ghosts? I swear I have one that rides in the car with me and the girls. They have both said they've felt it and it's been in more than one car. He/she will push on the back of the seats, just like if someone was sitting back there and put their feet up against the back of the seat and pushed a few times.  I know I'm not crazy since the girls have felt it too. I think he/she mostly rides with Jess now since I don't feel it as much now that she's driving. Guardian angel maybe?


Melissa and Trevor got their school pictures yesterday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a shot gun to keep the boys away from Melissa when she goes to high school. I got about 20 comments telling me how beautiful she is. I just can't believe how big Trevor is now too. :sigh: My babies are growing up!

7th grade

3rd Grade

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Anonymous said...

great pix! Wow, Trevor is growing up. He is really starting to look like your dh.

I don't believe in ghosts. That is interesting about the car though!

Exercise is not always the answer. I have exercised regularly for I don't even know how many years. Probably 10? I still go up and down the same 10-20 lbs. Currently up. It is discouraging b/c I have a really hard time losing weight. I can usually manage about 7 lbs in 3 months if I REALLY try. Then, one or two vacation weekends and it's back and won't budge. I mean, what is the point??!!!!Pretty much I just exercise to keep the diabetes away that is rampant on my dad's side.


Sarah said...

UGH...weight loss, MY LEAST fav topic ever!!! How come some people look at food and gain and others think "gasp" you gained how many pounds in a month. Like it is an attempt. LOVE the school photos!!! You better buy that shot gun AND have Scott answer the door!! What happened to little trevor??? OH...the days are flyng.

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