Monday, February 6, 2012

Mrs. Wash Your Dishes-Again

Anyone else feel like washing dishes is like an episode of Finding Nemo?

"Just keep swimming washing"

I swear I can wash dishes three times a day, walk out of the kitchen, go back, and there are more dishes to wash.  If we were actually getting money back for our taxes this year I might think about actually getting a dishwasher. Nah who am I kidding. I thought we'd get Jessica's car fixed, some new tires for my car, maybe some mattresses for the kids and if we got a lot back maybe we could put it towards a fence.

Sadly none of that is going to happen because for the first time it looks like we are going to have to PAY Federal. Umm excuse me? I thought we were poor :( Thankfully it looks like we will get enough back from State to pay that Federal with maybe a bit left over to put towards the car repair but not actually pay for it all.

This being grown up crap just sucks.

My friend Peggy was talking about how some woman today was calling herself Mrs. It reminded me of something I was thinking of earlier today. There is an applicant at my work who is a Jane Smith-Jones. She has the whole hyphenated name thing going on. I think I understand why some women do that but it just seems so weird. It's like you can't quite decide what name you want to go with. I'm kind of thinking that if you are feminist enough to want to keep your name, why don't you just keep your name without adding that mess to the end? I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. I mean did they practice writing all that out when they were crushing on their guy and decide THAT was the way it all looked best?

Raise your hand if you did the writing your name thing out when you met your husband/boyfriend. (If you're a guy this whole thing doesn't apply to you so whatever). I remember vividly writing my name out in all different ways.

Ms. Mom Taxi Julie
Mrs. Taxi
Mrs. M. Taxi Julie

Usually now I'm in such a hurry and my name feels so long I'm lucky if I get a MTJ in there ;)Pin It


Jennifer Owens said...

You are seriously my hero - just because you actually wash all of your dishes by hand. I'm pretty sure I would die without a dishwasher as dishes are my most least favorite chore in the entire world. You are more woman than me!

Annsterw said...

Agreed!! If you get married take their name...that's why I am single - always preferred my OWN name better - HA!!!!! :-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

no dishwasher?

I kept my maiden name for years but we had so many darn issues with insurances and other items that I gave in and went with his. Either way I'm Peggy not mrs. anybody.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yeah... you should see my kitchen right now with all its dirty dishes. I would kill for a dishwasher.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

No dishwasher? You're practically a pioneer!

Sarah said...

I can't imagine..I feel like I am forever either loading or unloading the dishwasher. We run it at least once a day. HOW does a family produce so many dirty dishes. On the name thing..I am just Sarah, or Gerret & Anneke's mom...not mrs. boer that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

IF your husband has a horrible last name and you have a cool one..I can see keeping your name. A girl I went to HS with married a Dick...last name Dick...her name was Anita. She did take the name and I never figured out why lol. My french teacher was Miss Lovett. She married Mr. Roach. so I can see the hypenation there. She became Mrs. Lovett-Roach. But seriously, Jane Smith Jones? or Jones Smith? lol

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