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Cat Diary Chronicles 8/9/89 Chloe

What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. 

8/6/89 (2 years later)


My name is Chloe, a curious tabby with white markings. I found my foster mom on June 21st at a strange place in Concord that smelled of chlorine.  The guys heard me crying (I was hiding under a van) and when they opened the warehouse door I ran in and made myself comfortable. I was hungry and tired and immediately gobbled down the food I was offered. 

My former owners couldn't (or wouldn't) keep me so they set me fee in the industrial park. I didn't know where I was or where to find my food, so when the humans came to work that Monday morning I was sure glad!

Bob, the service manager put me in my foster mom's office for safe keeping and gave me some food. I twas gone in an instant-so he gave me some more and a bit of water. Then I stretched out for my morning nap. 

My foster mom finally arrived with canned food, and I was in seventh heaven. She put me in a cat carrier with a litter pan (of course I know what to do) and I settled down again. But I really wanted to explore this new place and so she let me out and I put me in Dan's "out" box for a long nap. 

At closing time, Dan took me home for the evening and I made my bed at his feet on the waterbed. 

The next morning I went back to the office My foster mom put her cat on the floor and I went back to bed. That afternoon  my foster discussed my evening accommodations, (upstairs at her mom's house) and I took another car ride.

Now upstairs was an adventure. The two resident cats, Kisa & Minnie, weren't at all happy about my arrival. Pesky brat kid, they muttered, and tried to ignore me. Lots of luck!

Then my new mom took me to a place that smelled of other cats and disinfectants where they poked me and drew blood for testing. Mom told me that I would be OK and this was a test for Feline Leukemia. I sure didn't like it and pouted all afternoon.

The next day I was finally allowed free roaming time in the bedroom and met my foster brothers and sister. We hissed and growled and chased each other. Minnie and Kisa tried to ignore all of us-once again to no avail. And at night, I went back into my sleeping quarters so I wouldn't wear Minnie and Kisa out. What a pain. 

After my first shot (another pain) I started coming to adoption days. Again, I  had to stay in a cage and by now I had figured out ways to amuse myself. And there were other cats & kittens there too! I started a real commotion by tossing my toy mouse out and getting my foster mom to pick it up by looking at her hopefully and sounding out a plaintive mow. This happens several times an hour and my foster mom kept calling me silly goose. Guess what-I'm not a goose and I didn't keep getting up and retrieving that mouse!

We (Brandon and Brother and me) went home with our foster mom for the evening and played 'til we dropped. Then she fed us and we were tucked in for the evening.

The next weekend, I didn't have to attend adoption day=someone had already filled out my paperwork and I was going to my new home. I couldn't figure out why m"mom" just kept holding me and loving me so. I guess she was sad. But that adoption fell through and she seemed almost happy.

On Saturday, August 5, I went with mom to Pet Depot for adoption day and she seemed almost sad again. A nice man (I think) named Val adopted me for his 10 year old daughter who  wanted a kitten for her birthday. Three weeks later I rode off with her dad to meet my new mom-and this time I hope to keep her for always!

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