Saturday, September 26, 2020

Cat Diary Chronicles 12/19/93

Cat Diary Chronicles

What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary.


And still life goes on my Chow-or more correctly Chou. When I first brought you home from Eclaire you were so tiny and cute-an infant who was protected by Zulu and cherished by Mom and most of all Tom. We were with you when you snorted the fox tail-through abscesses and hematomes. And you bit me twice forcing me to see my doctor!

Yorvevdie, Many, Yoevdee Man (assuming nick name) who nudged and gave loves. 
When Tom died you didn't understand and tried to waken him. When Zulu left, you lathed for weeks. Through so many foster babies you tolerated. You even let them try to nurse until their teeth came in-and then you lacked a sense of humor. You stole Jasmine's mue(?) and claimed them as your own. 

And then you grew old-and suddenly your mortality began to show. You were lost when Mom was in the hospital. You searched for Baby when she died. And you decided I was "ok" at last. 

You died in my arms at 12:30 and know no more aches and pain now Chow-that is for us that remains. I'll always remember you when I see the sunbeams on the floor you so enjoyed. Pin It

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