Saturday, October 10, 2020

Cat Diary Chronicles 11/12/94

Cat Diary Chronicles
What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary.


To think, only Sunday, Monday, then at last Tuesday arrives. And on to BART (train) and the Orpheum we go. 

I'm anxious-I haven't gone out with a guy in so many years that I'm not sure how to act, what to say, Guess we'll just play it by ear. I'm looking forward to seeing you, but I'm nervous. I haven't seen you in so long that I'm afraid I'll just blow it all. I want you to like me, but I do talk so much when I'm having an anxiety attack-I have them every time I see you, which is really silly. You're just a guy-no big shaker? Only in my knees, Bruzzone, I want to be able to see your face, your smile (your bed..) and know that I won't become like Jello. 
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