Friday, July 23, 2021

What is this energy thing?

Gooooood morning!! Happy Friday!! I've been awake since at least 5 but just got up 1/2 an hour ago (7:30). 

Yesterday was a productive day! I went to work, shredded some papers, took myself to lunch, went to the thrift store, went to Wal Mart, came home, put all the camping stuff in the shed except for the ice chest the cat keeps sleeping on, cleaned a bunch of shit out of the shed and put it on the free table and someone came and took most of it! Woohoooo.

Of course then I was dead with a heat headache and useless the rest of the night and feel like I'm 100 today. But that's ok!

I got these fabrics at Wal Mart. I went to the one in Ceres kind of by my work (they are building a new big WM really close to work if we ever go back). This WM was so much nicer than my local one. I REFUSE to go back to the one in Manteca it is so disgusting and EVERYTHING is locked up.

Free pile, all the tents and sleeping bags and that tubing got taken WOOHOO old shit out of my house. Camp toilet will probably go to the dumps (ha). The box on the table has some porceilen dolls I made back in the 90's with my aunt. I think those are going to come back in the house next time I go outside if someone doesn't pick them up. I know hardly anyone likes dolls anymore but they are a little bit sentimental. Maybe eventually I'll donate them or not haha.

The kittens played and napped on the couch with me. Soaking them up since they will be gone soon! Melissa is coming to get this little guy some time today.

And Princess will be picked up on Saturday

Today's plan!!


Taking Daniel to the dentist around 1:30 (the older Daniel not the baby)

Melissa is coming at some point today not sure if before or after the dentist stuff. If before might go to lunch.

Need to vacuum/de-fur the cots we borrowed from my mom so I can take them back to her.

My brother is having a little party for our cousin who is visiting tonight so I may or may not make it over there for dinner depending on how everything goes. 

Should also do some laundry..

Get the ice chest out to the shed. Oh and the bassinet, my booth chair and some folding chairs too. Funny how there is room in the shed for things when stuff isn't just thrown in there.

Go through the stuff I pulled out to bring in the house that is stacked outside the back door. Anddd bring in the box of fabric the neighbor gave me. Pretty sure I'm going to redonate most of it since there is a lot of fleece.

Oh and work if I get some emails. I busted my ass on doing stuff for people the other day so I'm pretty much caught up for now.

Excited I'll be off 2 days next week too. May or may not post again before I get back!
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