Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm back!

Not that you missed me hehe. Not that anyone probably reads this!

Today was a nice day. We got up and went and got our gate keys for the new gate they are putting in where I live. We are soon to be a "gated" community. Guess I should go find me a Mercedes to drive now. Hopefully the gate isn't too much of a PITA to get in and out of the club and helps cut down on all our unwanted visitors we have out here.

After getting the gate keys we went to the girls' softball games. It was of course FREEZING. I swear it's so cold on that field! They both had a game at the same time today so Scott was with Melissa since he helps coach her team and Trevor and I watched Jessica's game. They lost AGAIN. I actually thought they might win this one until the ONE pitcher they have had to be replaced because the coach is an idot and pitched her all 4 innings they are aloud to pitch in a row. Her replacement pitched to 2 girls and then.. decided she didn't want to pitch anymore?? So Jessica, who was playing catcher had to pitch. Of course she was instantly stressed out. She had a horrible time and of course it was an unlimited inning so the other team got 8 runs off her time up there on the pitcher's mound. Poor kid, I felt so bad for her. Melissa's team on the other hand, won their game. We went to Applebees for lunch.

We came home and I went over and visited with mom for a little while and then the girls and I went back to town to watch Tony's game. OMG 5 year olds playing baseball is just the cutest things!!

Photobucket Photobucket Don't you agree that he is just adorable?? After the game he gave Melissa a big hug lol Photobucket

We have been spending so much time with him lately it really feels odd when he isn't with us. Guess he has to spend SOME time with his mom and dad??Pin It

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