Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Have A Nice Day!

This was my view for part of my ride home today. You can't help but smile :O)

So today is my oldest daughter's birthday!! She's 14. God I have to be old to have a kid that's 14!! Here she is when she was about a day or so old. She was sooo alert as you can tell by the picture. Eyes wide wanting to know everything that is going on. Of course she is still that way! She's such a smart cookie! We are going out to dinner at our favorite local Mexican Restaurant tonight with our family and one of my best friends and her girls. Table for 16 please! We need to stop on the way and get a cake since I forgot to order one yesterday (bad me!) and she doesn't like any of the cake mix flavors we have left.

**edit, I need more pictures, she was sooo cute! Sometimes when they are 14 they aren't so cute when the attitude flares up and you have to look at their old pictures to remember lol.

Just a little bit ago I took Trevor for his Kindergarden Orientation. Feels so weird having my last baby going to kindergarden soon and my oldest going to high school! My nephew will be in the same class as Trevor also so my brother and sil were there too. It will be a fun year I hope!Pin It

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jillytacy said...

The happy face on the truck does make you want to smile.
Your daughter was a beautiful baby. I can't believe all the hair! My mom raised 5 kids and always said fourteen was the hardest age. I worry about the teen years with my daughter since the first 4 have been a challenge!

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