Monday, April 7, 2008

So tired!

So I got up early this morning so I would have enough time to make Melissa a nice breakfast before school since she had her Pioneer School today. I really should get up at that time every day since I was ready before anyone else was up! That was nice. Anyhow, got her up and made her some eggs and toast (usually she eats breakfast at school or has a bagel or something on the go). I got her to pose for me in her outfit.


Isn't she cute? She handed me her bonnet in the car, I was like, that cost me $14 at least put it in your backpack!! lol. I don't want to KNOW that you didn't wear something I went out of my way to get you!! Anyhow, she said the teacher at the Pioneer school was mean, guess that's how they were back then?? Anne of Green Gables comes to mind with the mean old man teacher and then the super sweet Miss Stacy. Anyhow, the dress is washed and hanging to dry, thinking I might ebay it since I doubt she will wear it for Halloween and I don't want to store it until I have grandchildren ;O)

After work today I didn't have anywhere I had to go (except the grocery store but who REALLY wants to go there??). My room has been driving me crazy with all the clutter so I decided to work on cleaning it. Apparently that's a more than one day project. I had pushed a bunch of stuff out in the front room and was really feeling like I was making progress. Then the phone rang. Melissa's announced that the neighbors were coming over in 15 minutes to bring her birthday present. I was like OMG right now?? I scan the front room, food all over tv trays, crap all over the floor (well not real crap). I was like OMG everyone has to get up and help clean RIGHT NOW!! We actually got the front room cleaned up for the most part before they came over. Of course I had to shove some stuff BACK into my room. Maybe I'll get it done one of these days :sigh:

So the neighbors left and it's 7:30. DH says what's for dinner? I said whatever you are making lol. So we had dinner from our corner store/deli/bar. It wasn't all that great but I didn't to cook it OR go get it so I'll take it!

Tomorrow is Melissa's official birthday. She has softball practice and I imagine we'll do something for dinner after that.Pin It

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Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

My daughter had be a pioneer wait no it was a settler (is that the same...I hate history?) a few weeks ago.
You did a great job!

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