Friday, July 18, 2008

Camping Day 4

Ok this was the last full day of camping. The day when everyone was starting to get a little grouchy. We went down to the lake again for most of the day. Scott and I spent most of the day playing rummy.

After we got back we ate dinner and sat around the campfire. While we were sitting there we heard this big loud banging noise. T jumped up and ran with a flashlight and saw a big bear breaking into their trailer via the screen door (the door wasn't closed, just the screen).

After that I sat about 1 inch away from the campfire laughing nervously and flashing my flashlight at every tiny little noise I heard. Finally about 2 I went to bed and layed there praying I didn't leave a stick of gum in the tent somewhere lol. I was pretty pumped up with fear!! I finally fell asleep. We got up in the morning and packed up all our stuff and we were on the way home by 10. We took the scenic route home with Scott flying around the corners and me hoping I wasn't going to puke.

We had a pretty nice time overall but I was so glad to be home!

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Dirty White boy said...

Isnt it funny how kids that are not ours seem to get on our nerves the most?
I wonder if other parents feel that way about OUR kids are perfect, lol.

Anonymous said...

Other people's kids irritate the hell out of me! And camping - with bears - is so not me! You are very very brave to have put up with bears, camping and other people's kids!

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