Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Morning!

Let me start by saying I am all for the little creatures. I'm usually the first one to go "awww" when I see a little animal or bird or whatever. I defend the burrowing squirrels that have made a mess of my brother's yard. Don't want to poison the gophers even though you can't walk through my yard without twisting your ankle.

But the fucking bird has GOT TO GO.

What the hell is it so happy about???

And why does it have to sing it's freaking loud ass song at 5:30 in the morning??

It's not a nice simple bird call. It's an elaborate concert performance with melody after melody after melody.

Shut the fuck up already!!!Pin It


Heather said...

I DO NOT like birds. They'll poke you eyes out.

Katrina :) said...

I'm right there with ya! That and the psycho lady's barking dog at 5am every freaking morning! ugh! This morning was no exception. I swear the freaking birds wake up the psycho lady's dog and it becomes a vicious cycle. And then I want to murder someone, cuz damn it, I need my sleep!!! And who could be that happy? IDT they are... I bet they are secretly complaining about other shit... What do you think?

Oh and TS, how cool is that... I guess ur man's name is Scott too???

matchbox20girl said...

Yeah..this always pisses me off, too...what the hell are they so stinking happy about??? Kinda makes me want to let the big Golden Retriever out & hope she catches one of 'em.

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