Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm bad

I'm a bad daughter. My mom "invited" me to come down to help her paint some planter boxes at the entrance to the club today and I didn't go. I drove past her twice, once to take the boys to school and once on the way in. I honked on the way out and waved and snuck in when her back was turned so she wouldn't see me on the way home. I don't have anything against painting but I hadn't had any coffee yet. Or breakfast. Or blog reading. Hell I hadn't even read my emails yet! I can't do anything until I at least do that. I have to pick up the boys in a little bit. I hope she's gone then. Bad me.

So my morning started off by my big ass cat climbing on top of me for a snuggle. He must be eating some gophers or birds (please God let it be that really noisy one that sings all night) or something because he doesn't spend that much time in the house but OMG is he heavy.

My neighbor came over yesterday and he was complaining about "why do cats have to eat birds". Um nature? If the bird was smart it would build it's nest up higher after the first time the cats ate his babies. Sorry neighbor but my cat's don't keep me up all night SINGING in the dark. No sympathy from me.

Oh back to my morning. So my mom bring Tony over so I can take them both to school (my brother takes him over to her house when he goes to work in the morning. I'd offer mine but I don't want to get up that early). I hear whining. Um no. We don't do whining when I first wake up. Remember, I haven't had coffee yet.

So I guess he's whining about his socks. Mom hands me sock, runs out the door. Gee thanks Mom!! I'll get you back for that (remember the planter?). So I figure out what the problem is. His socks (which look like they are a size too big, this kid is tiny), have big knots on the edges of the seams across the toes. So I offer him a pair of Trevor's socks, which of course isn't good enough. We try going with no socks. Finally I get the scissors and cut the knots off (by this time we are in the car and I'm getting desperate). Yeah it makes a small hole. No, I don't feel bad. This works good enough and he stops crying, has his socks and shoes on and we are off!! Woohooo. What a way to start the morning.

So it's just me and Melissa in the house. I asked her what she wants to eat and she says waffles. So I get out the cookbook (waffles from a box are icky) and give her all the stuff. She's done and says it's too watery. I think she forgot some flour so we dump more in there and then it's ok. Her first batches come out almost raw. ICK. Waffles must be a light brown and crispy. She ate those and I made my own lol.

I can't believe it's almost time to go pick up the boys already. Trevor said I have to take him to buy a backpack today after school. So I guess that is what we will do.Pin It


Dirty White boy said...

you honked, AND waved but DIDNT stop in to help????
your going to hell.

Brittany said...

Just reading about your day exhausts me! You are a wonder mom!

Barb said...

Next time, have him wear his socks inside out. It was the only thing that worked for my two when they were going thru that phase.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

My cat has never eaten a bird. I however, wonder if they taste like chicken? You should point this out to her.

My word verification is ppi...They must think im stupid, or I just got lucky.

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