Tuesday, July 22, 2008


All over me! Apparently I'm a messy painter. I've been touching up Jessica's Room. Apparently the thrill of painting her room wore off really quickly lol.

Here's a reminder of the colors in the room

She taped all the trim that could have not been taped and didn't pull the tape off. So when she started to pull the tape off (when the paint was dry) it took off the paint from the wall. So she only did that in one spot I think. So that was where I started. Pulling off the tape, then painting along the edges of the wall and anywhere else that I can see needs more paint.

I also painted the door that she didn't paint. I have 1/2 the room done with the purple. Need to move some of her junk around to fix the other 1/2. So I'm taking a break. Going to paint all the trim in the green. So far the only green she did was on the ceiling. I've never had a different color ceiling from the wall so that is a bit of a challenge at the meeting point.

After I get done painting I'm going to take the carpet out. It smells. Not sure if I'm going to recarpet (probably not) or just get a big rug. Kind of thinking about having my brother show me where he got his discount laminate flooring at(we have wood floors but they really need to be sanded and refinished). The room is really small so it shouldn't cost too much to do the floor.

I'm also trying to decide if I should paint her old bed or get her a new one. Our budget it kind of tight right now but I remember seeing some cute beds in a box at Wal Mart. The bed she has now is pretty old and beat up.

I forgot to take something out for dinner. Thinking maybe we should have chinese food (don't barf Sarah!). I need to get a better paint brush for the trim anyways so I could do all that in the same trip.Pin It


Jennifer Owens said...

I've been outta the Julie loop - I had to go way back and find the bear post to see the rest of the story! (o: Looking forward to seeing the end result of your painting job!!

Anonymous said...

Ok..to tell you how stressed and eating frenzied I am..even chinese sounds good right now. Can we say a hormonal, stressed, eating machine?? That is sooo wrong..chinese???

Barb said...

Wow! Are those colors really as dark as they appear... and doncha hate always having to finish what they start!!! Look at me complaining ~ all the while still unpacking and putting stuff away in the kids rooms cause I can't get them moving! Geesh

Julie H said...

The colors are like Joker colors. The green is a bright green.

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