Friday, July 11, 2008


Do you know what today is??? Do you do you huh huh??


And WHY am I so excited about the last day of summer school???

No more DRIVING to town 3 times a day!!

No more getting up early every morning!!

I'm so freaking excited!!!

Ok now I must suck down my coffee, go out in the shed and get all the camping stuff out since apparently no one else is going to do it (and I really did kind of wait until the last minute for someone to get to it!), make some potato salad, do a crap load of laundry and pack everyone's stuff up!Pin It


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for no summer school and driving all over the place!

Sarah said...

YEAH! Since I know you will still run around, you will half the driving to do! Your kids have no idea how great a mom you are!! :O)

Carin said...

WOO HOO!! Less time as the taxi driver! I hope you enjoy your camping trip, lets face it if you left getting stuff out to someone else you wouldn't have what you needed anyway :O)

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