Monday, July 21, 2008

When do I get to sleep in??

Ugh frustrated already this morning lol. They have a bridge program at the school for the Kindergarteners. We got the post card the day we got home from camping. Saw it and never saw it again! So I wasn't sure what time it started. My brother said they didn't get a postcard? So my mom comes over this morning all worked up that they never brought Tony over (she watches him during the week), and said we'll just go maybe my brother took him already. Get there at 8, go in the office it starts at 9 (no one would answer the phone when I called).

So then my mom wants to drive to town to my brother's work since his cell phone is apparently broke (and his house phone isn't hooked up). Called SIL she said she can't get ahold of him, doesn't know where he is blah blah. And really what kind of mom doesn't take her kid to the first day of something at the school??? If you have to work most places will let you come in late to take your kid to school on the first day type of thing.

So we drive to his work, he's not there, drive home, I go by his house and he is there. So much for me not driving much this week. He had Tony ready to go and was going to take him but my mom was so overwhelming he said we could take him. Gave us his paperwork to SIGN UP FOR SCHOOL (yes they didn't even turn it in yet!) except for his birth certificate that they can't find so are going to have to get a new one. (HELLO school starts in like 2-3 weeks here) So we dropped that stuff off and took the kids to the teacher. Same teacher all my kids have had so cool :O) They went straight for the playground and were having fun playing when I left. I get to go pick them up around 12.

The principal stopped me and asked me how Jessica is doing. Is it sad I am on a first name basis type relationship with the school principal lol.

So here's my munchkins for the first day of "practice" kindergarten. No tears from anyone! Trevor on the left and nephew Tony on the right. This was the first try, he's all into making weird faces when I take pics now, what a weirdo.

This was the 2nd try lol.

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TUTU Monkey said...

Such cute kids!!

Sarah said...

You know you can't NOT drive everywhere. JUST have the cool car to drive everywhere right?? Those are so not the playground equipment we had growing up! :O)

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