Friday, July 25, 2008


I just finished painting Jessica's room. I think I'll call it the dungeon now. It's so dark! I found a cute comforter today and some green sheer curtains. Hopefully Jess likes them. I want to try and pull the carpet up tomorrow. It is so gross and now has paint on it (not all me!)

Before (I kind of like the before better)




Window area:

Here is the bedding set I found today at Wal Mart (I don't really like WM that much but I looked in the mall too and didn't find anything)

I bought it and the sheet set. I was just looking online to find it to show you all and found this one. I think it's cute too.

OOO like this one

Ok will have to see what Jessica likes. Which one do you like? The one I got was the only one kind in the store so I will have to order the others if she likes them.

So I got done painting and came out of the bedroom. I look over and Trevor is watching something with two women making out???

Scott was snoring in the recliner. I gave him a whack and was like WTH?? Your son is watching SMUT!

And we don't even have cable!

TG that kid finally fell asleep. In the middle of when I was painting (and taking a 5 to eat dinner) I heard a knock at the door.

It was a cousin that I haven't seen in awhile (although I talk to her on Myspace). Last time she came over she was like 9 and this time she drove herself so that tells you how long it's been since she came to my house.

Trevor took this opportunity to act like a total psycho.

I of course was wearing rags to paint in. The house is a wreck since I was gone most of the day and yesterday I was concentrating on that stupid bear dress.

So I'm sure we left a great impression on her lol.

We'll see if she dares to come back

:evil cackle:

But seriously, why do people NEVER come over when your house is clean??? Could be the fact that that doesn't happen that often lol.

And before you recommend it, yes I know about Flylady, I'm a member and delete her emails religiously!

Ok I don't know about you all but I'm totally enjoying my music player thing I added.Pin It


Chris H said...

I like the first set best, it will help lighten the room a bit. I would have a fit if one of the kids painted their room those colours, totally too darkish for me! But no telling what kids like eh? Lucky for you she didn't want it to be BLACK all over! Seen that before too. IKKKKK

Anonymous said...

It looks good Julie! WAs she happy to see it done when she got home? Kacey's room is a dark purple like that but the top is hot pink and there's a silver siggly line between the two. It does make for a dark room.

Katrina :) said...

Sounds exactly like my house. NICE!! I like the first one. :)

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