Friday, September 19, 2008


Whew, you are probably tired of seeing my posts today! I'm done I'm done!! Got the shed all cleaned out and reorganized and even got the bikes and the lawn mower in there. I didn't take a before picture, just imagine opening the doors and a wall o'crap.


OCD Julie is thinking she needs to label all the boxes the same way in big letters. I moved the big cabinet on the left here from the middle of the back wall and it's so much better. We have household stuff in there like painting tools and such. Plus now I can get to the paint so I can touch up some stuff around the house.

Sleeping bags, chairs, tents, Christmas Tree and big ugly sleds all tucked in so they aren't falling all over the place.

Not so pretty after adding the bikes, mower and Trevor's outside sand type toys, but it's still easy to get to everything with little effort. Much nicer than having the bikes and mower out on the back porch with no shelter from the weather.

This is my next project.

UGH. Really need to get some smaller outside garbage cans that bags will fit in so I can stay on top of that better.

Look what I found! Little baby trees. I'm going to put them in some pots and try not to kill them. This is the mama tree (Mimosa).

Doesn't look so pretty right now, it's in it's ugly time.

This post looks all jacked up. Oh well too tired to figure it out.Pin It


Kitt said...

Wow. You've moved mountains.

Anonymous said...

You are so organized! Or crazy, one or the other!

Chris H said...

Wow you've done a great job on the shed... makes me realise I need to get down in The Dungeon and get it sorted out too... it's a room under the house where all the surplus stuff and garden stuff has been just thrown in!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Holy moly! im' impressed! That's a ton of work!

~Sheila~ said...

It all looks great and neat and clean and organized. You have a lot of stuff. I guess it needed to be put together.

Way to go. Must feel good to be finished!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

your baby trees look like little pot plants. lol.
i wish i had your knack for organizing. my closet would make you scream!!

Julie H said...

I guess I should have posted that most of that stuff was already in boxes. It just wasn't all arranged nicely. I did put some random things away that didn't get put in their boxes the last time they were out.

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