Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

It's only 5:30 and I'm already ready for bed! Dinner? Who needs dinner? I just want to go curl up with my book and my pillow and my kitty cat.

I spent most of the day today organizing my husband's tool box. Now if I need a screw driver I know where to go! And ALL the drawers are shut. Hallalula or however you spell that lol.

I was trying to organize his five million sockets on the little socket organizer things and cut the crap out of my thumb. I just poured peroxide in it so now it's kind of screaming at me.

After doing the tool box I cleaned off the old couch we have out in the garage. The couch seems to my husband to be a great place to pile up GARBAGE, tools, and misc crap. I seriously don't understand why he cannot throw garbage in the garbage can.

Oh and I found all my sharpies. YOU THEIF!! Tell me you don't know where they are. Yah SURE you don't.

So after I got done with that. I cleaned up the rest of the ramdom crap all over the floor in the garage, cleaned off the dryer, washer and wow I can walk in the garage without tripping now!

He's probably going to freak about how I put his tools away but before you couldn't even find the tools so oh well he can kiss my ass!

Just about have all the laundry done.

Thinking we might just have leftovers for dinner.

I'm too tired to cook.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

DUDE..I totally set the kids up with leftovers. I asked each of them, "do you want yesterday's leftovers? or..the day BEFORE yesterday's leftovers?"

Chris H said...

PLEASE can ya come clean out my garage? It's not THAT bad...really.. I promise! LOL

Gina said...

If he's anything like my hubby, I'll give him a week before it's back to a mess.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Barb said...

To hell with left-overs.. the man owes you a night dining out! My hubster is planning on working in the garage this weekend. Too bad I'm having some gal pals over for a sewing weekend or else I'd offer to help (NOT!).

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