Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$ Money Saved!

I've been putting off cancelling our full coverage on our big truck since it's been paid off.


Because I'm lazy.

Which really isn't very smart.

Because I just called and down graded it to regular insurance and took off my old car that is just sitting in the driveway and no one drives (Gotta love a husband who can't part with a car).


$510 a YEAR.

I will be getting a credit of almost $200 for the amount I've already paid (I pay monthly).

Woop woop!! That will help my budget a bit!

I just figured out I have approximately 4 more unemployment checks so I'm really going to have to watch my spending more.

Here's to a good start!Pin It


Chris H said...

Yaa for getting some money back!

Connie said...

Whatcha gonna spend the moolah on?

Julie H said...

I won't actually get cash back since I still owe for the rest of the year but my payments will be lower.

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