Saturday, October 4, 2008

Check It Out

Go say hi to my friend Susie! She just started her own blog!

So I went and layed down and watch part of an old Bette Davis movie. Which I kind of missed the end because everyone came home and got too noisy.

Then I watched most of the Zodiac, but missed the very beginning and HOLY HELL the print at the end was ssooo small I couldn't read it to find out what happened!! Stupid movie people.

OMG Josh Turner is on tv :::Screams like a girl at an Elvis concert:::

I heart Josh Turner!!!Pin It


Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new friend, Susie!

Rick said...

I can sing deep like Josh. But I don't look like him. No one screaming when I sing, at lest not because of my looks, but at me to stop.

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