Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I should be taking a shower

But I'm sitting here having a cup of coffee.

Clicking on my eBay auctions. Click. No more new bids. Click. Yep, still no more new bids. Click. Yep still the same. UGH someone stop me please!!

I SHOULD be taking a shower so I can get my butt to the grocery store. The kids get out early today so I don't have a full day by myself like I usually do. Well if I don't make it to the store we could always just have sandwiches for dinner right?

Melissa got yelled at all the way to school. I found out she's been buying herself breakfast at school everyday. AFTER she eats a breakfast at home!! Little poop! I told her she's just going to have to get up earlier and I will make her a big breakfast so she "won't get SO hungry". Here I'm trying to save money and she's blowing it ($1.50 a DAY) on something I doubt she even eats the whole thing.

I was supposed to take my nephew to school this morning. My brother called last night and asked me to take him and I said sure no problem and then he never showed up??? WTH?? Sent him a text asking if he was not bring him and no response. Nice. I'm feeling slightly taken advantage of. I pick him up from school every day and he spends a couple hours with me until my brother or sil get home from work and I LIKE DOING IT. But don't tell me you are going to bring him and then don't. It just makes me annoyed!!

Jessica has her first band concert tonight. Guess she is like last chair of 12 flutes or something. Poor kid! She's used to everything coming so easy for her and now it's not so much. Let's hope the concert isn't TOO long!

Ok finished my coffee guess I'll get my rear in the shower!Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

Well, at least you had SOME time to yourself.
Today my husband wasnt feeling well, the school called for me to go get Dom cause he may have pink eye and my dad is in the hospital.
I only had 2 patients to treat today so I was home by noon.

Chris H said...

Ahh another procrastinator like me!!! I like that. I always say, "Just going to read one more blog" ... and end up reading 20! Durrrr.

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