Saturday, October 4, 2008

Selfish Me

So today I went to an all day scrapbook crop.

While Scott took the kids to his sister's 60th birthday party. I wanted him to drive his parents but they were bringing his other sister so they had to drive themselves since there wasn't enough room in the car for all of them. His dad is almost 80 and got lost in our city he has lived in for 40 years so that made me a little nervous. But guess they made it here and back. Jessica just sent me a text.

I was glad not have to go, and Scott didn't even really want to go but went for his parents. I felt all guilty for not going this morning but I had already signed up to go to my scrapbook thing with my friends and really that sounded WAY more fun then hanging out with his whacko family.

So now I'm sitting here.

All by myself.

I really feel like taking a nap but I'm sure they will be home soon.

Maybe I'll just go watch a movie!Pin It


Susie said...

Not selfish! You preplanned, and like you've never gone to a family thing without dh? I know I have gone to plenty!

Oh and check me out! I got a blog!

TUTU Monkey said...

My husband has Sarah today and I can't seem to focus on what I should do I am considering a nap....:)

Hope all is well with you ...thanks for popping in:)

Barb said...

Some days the most constructive thing you can do is absolutely nothing. As long as the next day, you pick yourself up and try again.

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