Monday, October 13, 2008

Tap Tap Tap

Is this thing on??

Can you hear me??

How about



You can??


No one else can.

They can't see what I did today.

That I cleaned the grout in the shower with a TOOTHBRUSH.
Cleaned PEE off the toilet.
Cleaned the cat box.
Did the dishes.
Made dinner.
Did a ton of laundry.
Cleaned up a shit load of toys.

And probably 50 other things.

No one cares.
No one says thank you.
No one says anything at all.Pin It


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I feel that way sometimes...Being a mom is a thank-less job for sure. My hub. asked our five year old to put his clothes in the hamper tonight. Our kid said,"What am I? The maid?" OOps! That would have been my voice in that little body!!! (Tomorrow will be a better day-if you get out and forget what awaits you at home!!!

AFRo said...

Kudos to you honey.

I mopped the kitchen floor today for the first time in as long as I can remember. The boys noticed, but all they could say was, "Why does it stink in here?!?!?" [I was cooking roast in the crock pot and the smell didn't mix well with Pine Sol.]

Ungrateful @$$.

Sarah said...

Boy do I feel your pain..not only can DH not see the clean house..the kids just mess it up. Like they say trying to nail jello to a tree. Told DH hire a housecleaner, taxi and tutor and I will get a job...until then... You do inspire me to clean..we could be sitting her chatting all day..but NOOOO you are busting your butt...thanks..keeps my butt moving. :O)

Heather said...

I care. are my superhero. I hate cleaning bathrooms.

Katrina :) said...

Sounds like my house. :(

I care! Thank you for taking the time to do all that for your family. You ROCK!!

Oh and here's the website for that soup. LOL If you decide to torture yourself with me, let me know.

Angela said...

hope you have a better day tomorrow.

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