Saturday, November 8, 2008

Garage Sales

This morning I went to some Garage Sales while Jessica was at some science thing she went to for extra credit.

I didn't have a paper so I was just driving around looking for signs. It's really depressing when you follow these HUGE AWESOME signs and get to the sale and there's hardly anything there. Or it's all crap.

Then there was the one I went to that was in a garage. There was a girl with a dog on a leash and she went towards the front of the house (couldn't see her from inside the garage). I was looking around but there was no one there to ask questions like "how much". I started to get kind of weird going through someone's garage so I just left. Probably would have bought some stuff if there was someone to sell it. That was really weird.

Another one I went to this woman was like laying across the top of the clothing racks. Yeah um, not going to ask her to move so I can look at her stuff.

I got a huge stack of Pokemon cars (197 when I got home and counted with Trevor) for $8. I split them up for him and my nephew and Melissa. He got the biggest bulk of them since he's more into them and he's in heaven.

I also picked up a bunch of jeans that might fit Melissa and if not I can sell them on ebay I'm sure since they are a great brand.

Also got to love the garage sale ran by a man. All clothes .25-.50. Score! Got a few things for Trevor and to sell.

This is the first time I've went to garage sales in a long time. Going to have to do it more for my ebay sales!Pin It

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