Thursday, February 12, 2009

My sad sad lover

Oh my lover....where have you gone??

A lot of people think you are "acting"

I really hope they are right

I'm scared you are not

Because this is really sad!

I'm afraid you are going to end up like him.

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Chris H said...

It is sad that he is giving up acting... but I hope he does really well with his new singing career! He is HOT.

Barb said...

Yeah, I saw that interview ~ and I'm not a fan of David Letterman but that was the most bizarre interview I've ever seen. I truly hope he was acting.

Susie said...

I saw the begining of the interview on tv that night...what a whack job...did he learn nothing from losing his brother? Sad!

JD at I Do Things said...

I've read in more than one (probably not reputable) places that this is all a weird hoax. I hope so. I hope the gross weight gain and scruffy beard are a hoax too. I want my hot Joaquin back!

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