Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Wow I think I actually didn't post anything yesterday?? Oh I just checked. I didn't even post anything on Saturday! Wow I must have had a bit of a life this weekend. HAR-HAR

Saturday morning Scott took Trevor fishing. I didn't get any pictures but they came back dirty and Scott had ripped out the back of his pants. HAHAHAHA wish I could have gotten a picture of that in action. They didn't catch any fish but they had lots of nibbles, which I think is probably just as good when it comes to fishing, which in my book is the most BORING sport there is.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL here, So after they got back Scott and Trevor and I went to go watch my nephew's first baseball game in town. We didn't take any sweatshirts or anything because it was so nice out. As we were driving to town I see trees swaying violently. I said, ummm I think it's going to be windy in town... Yeah just a bit of an understatment.

Thank God I had a blanket in the back of the car because it was freezing in town! We got to the ball park and people are wrapped up in huge jackets, blankets, ear muffs. Our family?? T shirts, capri pants, jeans and sandals. Slightly dressed inappropriately. We made it through one inning and then decided to leave because we couldn't hang lol.

Then we went to Wal Mart (I told Scott TARGET or WM so of course he picked the evil one, TG all the scary people stayed home that day) to get Melissa's friend a birthday gift. While we were there our friend called Scott and wanted some help moving his pool table into the house. We went over there and watched the guys try to give themselves a hernia for about an hour until they finally got it in the house. THEN we went to go get the guys hair cuts. I had been trying to get Trevor's to grow out a bit but apparently he had other ideas because he took the scissors to the front of it. It's REALLY short in the front now.

After we got home I had to get ready to go to my friend's house to scrapbook. I got home around 11:30 or so so it was a really long day!Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

The weather DID look beautiful even though it was cold.
We've had such crappy weather for such a long time that I forgot what the sun feels like.

I wouldn't have been able to hand either!!

Nick James said...

Good job little dude, first games are exciting. I was sleeping by a pool today--the warm weather is coming!

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