Friday, April 17, 2009

2 out of 3 Days of Softball Done!

I wonder who's idea it was to book a softball tournament on Spring Break? I'm guessing it wasn't up to the girls on the softball team.

Or their parents.

For the last two days I have taken 4 girls an hour away for a softball tournament. The first day it was COLD!! A hoodie and a blanket were all I had. It was only one game that day, which they unfortunetly lost by one run walk. Yesterday it wasn't quite as cold but as soon as I took my sweatshirt off the wind kicked up. Everyone's noses were stuffed and runny by the time we left the second game yesterday. They won BOTH games yesterday. When we left my face was totally scorched.

Must remember to put sun screen in my softball bag.

Both days after we left the girls wanted to go to Denny's to eat. They insisted on crayons both times. Yesterday they were so tired they were cracking themselves up the whole time we ate and the whole hour long ride home.

Gotta love teenagers!

We get a break for today and they have another game tomorrow. Lucky for us it's not until 4:00 so we can all sleep in.Pin It


Susie said...

So did you visit our Ginormous Mall?? LOL Teen girls sure are silly aren't they?

Chris H said...

"gotta love teenagers"!!! Are you MAD??? How old is your daughter? Obviously the 'bitch hormones' have not kicked in YET. I feel sorry for you... lol!

~Sheila~ said...

That's a lot of games. I'm guessing it's going to be like that for Devyn and Miah when they get older.

honkeie said...

I am phucing mental over coloring too!

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