Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeling better Friday

Sometimes it's hard to decide if you need to scream or enjoy the ride!

Today I went and did my pre-op stuff. Gave up some blood, signed my life away and had a chest x ray, ole! I wish they paid for gall bladder donations. I'm sure they are good for something??

I just have a little pain under my ribs, shoulder and back today. The surgery is scheduled for bright and early Monday morning. Hopefully I'll be feeling great and can come home and won't have to spend the night. Maybe if I do that my insurance company won't jack up my rates some more and/or cancel me. (doubt it!)

I just got done making some bookmarks. Figured I needed to get them done while I was feeling well. I only need to sell about 1878 more to pay for my surgery. Anyone? Anyone?

I think I'm going to make some up with out the names and put them on Etsy. Then maybe put on there that they can be personalized.

We only have one kid here tonight. Scott is sacked out in the recliner as usual. Last night he spent most of the night on the couch watching tv instead of coming to bed. I must be smelly or something. At least the kitties will snuggle with me.
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1 comment:

Barb said...

Julie ~ These turned out so cute! Thanks for doing this ... oh yeah, the checks in the mail!

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