Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whaddu Think?


I think it might be starting to look like something! What do you think? This morning I worked on that little section in the front, smoothing it out. That's where the colored gravel is going. I was going to go look at it today but decided to wait until Saturday so we can go with the truck and just get it while we are there and not have to pay for delivery charges for a small amount.

It was pretty hot today, not much of a breeze. So I took a break and went to Home Depot and bought those shrubs and some colored alyssum. I got 3 planted and then cleaned out the rest of the side of grass. I think I'm going to put one more shrub on that side. There is going to be another walkway to the driveway and a flower bed along the porch so they will stop before the walkway I think. Unless I change my mind later.

Hey and look at that!! The bricks aren't sticking up in the middle!! Finally it's fixed. Hate the black bricks on there but beggars can't be chosers or whatever. Think I could paint them? Scott came home from work and was like total drama boy until he finally got it figured out. Jessica definitly got that from him.

And lookie here!! A whole new place to get burnt! I guess I'll be going low rise for the next few days. Yes I have no ass, look at the burn not down.

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Jenna said...

It looks great!! And I kinda like the black bricks mixed in - it gives it character ;)

I will take a hint from your sunburn... you never really think to put sunblock there.

Hope all the sickies in your house are feeling better! That shit is no fun...

Anonymous said...

great job Julie! you should be proud of yourself.


Chris H said...

MY GOD what a difference! I think you have done soooo well, and the black bricks don't look bad at all... adds character.
Ouch to the sunburn!

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