Friday, June 18, 2010

Loving these long summer days

Look at my baby's poor nose.
It's all scabbed up from being sunburnt. He was with my mom for a few days and she took him swimming over at my brother's house and apparently didn't put any sunscreen on him. Hopefully it will return to normal!

Doesn't he have the biggest eyes?

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. After work I attempted to work out in the yard a bit but it was way too hot so I didn't do much but dead head some of my shasta daisies. I have been saving some of the seeds from my plants to attempt to grow more later. Not sure if that will work or not. We will see I guess!

Scott came home early yesterday and we rushed over to the county office to get a permit for our garage roof. I didn't really think we would get there before they closed but we made it with half an hour to spare. It only cost us $107 so not too bad. Now we are all legal.

After that we went to Home Depot real quick and then to the grocery store. It was just Scott and I and while he was bagging up the groceries (we go to the cheap bag them yourselves store) I joked that he better be careful or I'm going to make him come with me all the time. Then I told him that could be our new date night. Grocery shopping! There's a sign you've been married forever lol.

We made dinner when we got home, gotta love those grilling nights, and then Jess was begging to go out and practice driving. I told her we could go if she did the dishes, which she did lickety-split. Gotta love the new bargaining power I have! She drove around all over the club. She's itching to go somewhere that she can go over 20 miles an hour now haha.

While we were out driving I saw a neighbor of my mom who is always telling me I should come over and hang out (she only comes on weekends and occassional days in the summer), so after I dropped Jess off and regained control of my keys I went over and sat on her front porch with her and her friends for a few hours. She's one of those really easy to talk to people. Might have helped that they had been drinking all day too :wink:

I don't have anything planned for today other than dropping Jessica off at her friend's house. Who knows what we'll find to do!
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MJ said...

Ha! wanna come help me do the laundry?!
Man, I'm wishing I was on the porch taking it easy too :) Ahhhh, with a drink (or maybe dessert..)

Have a great weekend!

jean said...

Last year my son also had a nose that got sunburned. It took a while to heal but he learned to use sunscreen. He had never gotten sunburn before and hated the way it looked and felt as it healed.

Stacy said...

Your baby does have enormous eyes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker.

Grocery shopping for date hubby would be running from the store screaming like a girl if I told him that. lol

Chris H said...

Ouch to the sunburn.. and yes he does have gorgeous big eyes.
I wonder how long it will take before you are hiding your car keys from Jess? lol

JennyMac said...

Poor sunburn but yes, he has the most beautiful eyes!

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