Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mamma needs central heat and air

Let's just start this post by showing you this

See those little numbers on the bottom? Add about 10 degrees onto them since that is what the weather is REALLY. Yesterday it was 104 on my way home from work.

Have I mentioned before that we only have an air conditioner in our living room? It was on all day yesterday. Last night my bedroom literally felt like an oven.

So I'm laying there in my misery. Then this climbs into my bed

I tried kicking him out but he had some kind of magnetic pull to my bed.

Got up and the couch was already taken.
Went and got a towel and ran it under the cold water.
Went back to bed with said towel draped over my body.


Woke up with an elbow in my chest.
Dog jumping on me.

Took the dog out in my nightgown, trying to stay in the backyard so no one can see me
(since we don't have a fence).

Neighbor sees me and attempts to start having a conversation. I act like I don't see him (mean I know but hello, mommy boobies in nightgown are not good!) and high tail it back into the house.

Lay back down.
Dog jumping on me.
Think about quitting my job.
Remember the husband's paycheck bouncing not too long ago.
Pull myself out of bed and into the shower.

Made it.
3 more days til Friday.

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Oh the visions of you outside in your nightgown! lol

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