Friday, October 1, 2010

Tightwad Dad

Oh I have a great little video of Jessica at the Powder Puff game they had for homecoming last night! Sadly I haven't had a chance to upload it anywhere. Stay tuned!

I was wondering how I was going to get Trevor to football practice and picked up while also being at Jessica's game when the thought occured to me that, hello?, if he skips practice my life will be so much easier. I sent the coach a message asking if it was ok for him to miss and still be able to play on Saturday's game and he said it was fine. So I sent Scott a text telling him that. He sent me one back saying why can't I just drop him off and pick him up at 8 when it was over?

That was a  moment when I slightly lost my shit, because seriously?

1. The kid doesn't really like to play football
2. The kid hardly plays during the games
3. The coach said it was ok
4. Why in the world would I want to drive all over when I don't have to
5. The family all being together to support one kid would be nice
6. This is not the NFL we're talking about

So anyhow, I sent him a nice little text that began with WTF?? and rambled on. Yeah. It's amazing we're still married sometimes.

Later after dropping Jess off I went to get some gas and he's asking me if I want him to get cash or if I am going to get it. I told him I'd get it and he says he's at the bank so he can get it. Ok, get it then. I meet him later at the high school parking lot. We pay to get in and of course since it's 6:30 the kids are all starving but he wants everyone to wait before getting anything to eat. Eventually he caves after I give him the "look" about 10 times and the kids go off to get some nachos. They come back and then of course the kid's mouth is burning because they obviously didn't think ahead and get a drink too. So then the kid is having to beg for some money to go get a drink. Later the kid is still hungry and whining that he wants something and the man is just not letting go of the cash.

UGH remind me next time to get the money myself. Why stop and get money if you aren't going to spend any?

He drives me crazy!Pin It

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