Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ahhh I can smell Spring!

Today was absolutely beautiful outside! I had a bunch of stuff I needed to do inside, like putting away laundry that has taken over my bedroom but I decided all that could wait.

I went and dug out my older tennis shoes, grabbed the lawn mower I was on my way. The grass is up to my knees in some most places. I got the back yard, and both sides of the house mowed. I was working on the field next to my house when I ran out of gas. I thought about going to the neighbors and begging him for some but he wasn't home.

So then I started pulling crap out of my garden. Old tired alyssum? GONE! Growing in the walk way? GONE! Ugly plant that I don't like? GONE!

I've pretty much decided to redesign and replant the whole front sections by the patio. I should have taken some pictures but I was too busy trying to be productive. I'm going to be lucky if I can walk tomorrow. Here's a picture from back before everything died and went dormant for the winter so you know what area I'm talking about. Pretty much all that is left on that section on the left is the Shasta daisies. I'm thinking about putting shrubs across the far left area by the cement to make hedge of sorts. Then the Shasta Daisies in front (I think I have enough I can divide and replant) and then small color in front of that and the alyssum on the edges of course.

I also want to move that big plant in the upper right corner, that's a hibiscus bush that is HUGE now. I think I'm going to put that somewhere else outside the basic garden area, I'm thinking over in the upper LEFT corner off the side of the cement there.

Picture this, only 2 feet tall and of course nothing in the front of the house where we took out all the grass. (smart thinking!). This picture is kind of old!  Even that old tree, and well everything in the right corner is gone now. No more swing set, tree OR old rusty shed.

I'm kind of playing around with the idea of taking out the tree I have planted in the middle of the backyard to make room for more garden design. Hmmmm

This is also a little bit of an older picture. Scott has rebuilt the garage. Hardly any junk in front of the garage, just some construction left overs (I went through the pile today and threw a bunch of stuff in the trash). That tree is 17 years old and it's still so tiny. I planted it when I was pregnant with Jessica.

Our backyard is basically a square so I'm thinking if took out that tree and made 4 sections with gravel in the middle "paths" it would make a pretty cool looking garden. Mostly for vegetables I'm thinking. It would be nice not to have to mow back there at all!

We have empty lots on both sides of us so there's still plenty of places for the kids to run around and play on.

See what happens when I get a little sunshine around here? I'm going to have to be dragged back inside to get that laundry put away...

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah, the thought of spring. Last night while walking my dog I thought it smelled like snow.
You garden is lovely. I wish I could begin to get my hands dirty and plant. In a couple of seems so far away though.

Chris H said...

Well you really must love gardening to be thinking of turning all that back lawn into garden!
I love seeing how you change your front yard from year to year.

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