Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How was YOUR weekend?

I woke up exhausted this morning. Isn't it weird how that happens sometimes? It's like you didn't even sleep all night, even though you DID. What's up with that anyways?

Did you all have a nice weekend? Friday night we went over to my brother's house for my mom's birthday. Everyone else went to Strings for dinner.  I think that place is a bit overprices and I don't like pasta very much AND it was too early for Scott to be able to make it after work so we didn't make plans to meet up for that. We were there for cake and ice cream though. We all hung out and finally got home about 1:30 am so we had a pretty nice visit for the most part.

Saturday Trevor had his baseball try outs, which thank God Scott took care of. Pretty soon we won't have all these relaxing weekends with nothing to do. Hopefully he gets another laid back coach like last year and they only have practice one or two days a week. Preferably not on the far side of town though.

Saturday night I went out dancing with 2 friends at Crocodiles. It was really packed compared to the last time we went there. There wasn't really any place to sit so we just danced and then stood up at a high table we claimed to be ours when we needed a break. There was so many young lesbian girls there. A big group of them was dancing next to us for most of the night and they had no problems showing "affection" for one another. It was like a train wreck. Couldn't help but stare. Bad I know.

Sunday I did the grocery shopping. Too much fun there. It totally amazes me how I can spend $200 and the fridge isn't even packed. I spent that evening trying to finish listening to my audio cd and playing games on Facebook.

Monday I spent the morning getting my coupons organized (tired of spending $200 and having nothing to show for it!) and then took the kids to the movies to see the latest Narnia movie. I never watched the 2nd one (and we even have it on DVD) but I wasn't too lost. I loved the part of the movie when they are holding the picture frame and the waves start coming out!

Which brings us back to today. YAWN. 3 more days until the weekend!Pin It

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Annsterw said...

I too am on a newfound couponing binge...we shall see how long that lasts for me....LOL!!!
Love the catch-up post! Sounds like a fun weekend!

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