Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Family Member

We seem to have a new family member.

We didn't set out to get a kitten but last week there was this tiny wee kitten crying in the storage area outside at work. I saw it for a flash of a second. I tried to catch it (and so did another lady that works in a different building) but it was acting like it may be feral and we didn't have any gloves. I didn't want to risk getting my face scratched off so I reluctantly left it there Friday.

Monday I got to work and it was crying again. REALLY loudly. Awww breaking my heart!! I tried to find it but I couldn't figure out where it was hiding so I just went in to work. When I got done working for the day I came out and I heard it crying again. There was a work truck from one of the other departments and it was coming from over there. I rounded the front of the truck and oh what a site! The kitten had it's head stuck in the hole of the truck wheel.

One gal was holding it's little body up while another was trying to figure out how to get it out. There was eventually three women all working on it and they were even on the phone to animal control (which is across the parking lot) when all of a sudden it worked it's little body the rest of the way through the hole and up into the truck's underside. Luckily they were able to pull it out. Slightly greasy but super small and tired.

They were going to take it to the animal shelter so I brought it home.

Turns out, so not feral. After scrubbing it's little head I got most of the oil off. It ate a bunch of cat food I got wet and even pooped in the litter box.

The kids are in heaven. Scott's not too happy about it though.

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Annsterw said...

Cutest thing ever!!! I love the photo snuggling on the couch!!!

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