Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday & New Work Desk

It's Wednesday! 
Way way back when I used to be so jealous of all the gals that did the "What I wore Wednesday" link ups. I was no way going to take pictures of myself in what I was wearing. It was basically a v neck T, hoodie, jeans and whatever shoes I was currently into, usually flip flops in the summer or tennies in the winter. 

Now that I'm not wearing my "uniform" I've been taking my picture every morning to share on Instagram (momtaxijulie if you want to follow) and also to get some advice on outfits because I have some seriously fashionable friends over on MLFitCamp!  I am not all that great in the fashion department so doing the pictures is really motivating to me to try and keep it fresh and cute.

Also, I've been sending a picture to my husband every morning so he can see my outfit. He leaves in the morning when I'm still in bed and by the time he gets home I'm usually in my work out clothes all gross. The other day he asked me when I got a pair of shoes and I was like "months ago?". That's when I realized that he never even saw what I was wearing every day. About that time Mama Laughlin did a blog post about this same thing (which of course I can't find now) and that is what gave me the idea to send him a picture in the morning. 

This morning I was running late so I didn't send it at the usual time and he actually asked me what I wore today. Nice!

So I'm just going to do Monday through Wednesday this week. I've just about went through all my new clothes I bought so I'm going to start having repeats or have to do more shopping!

(just linked myself up over at the pleated poppy. OH MY my pictures suck compared to all theirs! One more thing to work on!)

Monday I started with this top, which I picked up at the thrift store for about $1. It still had the tags on it. 

It was cold when I went to leave so I threw on this sweater I had picked up on my shopping spree at Kohls. (don't mind the grouchy face we were running late for the bus!)

I've decided it needs brown boots (maybe next payday?), shirt un-tucked under the sweater and the sleeves rolled over the arms of the sweater. 

 Tuesday, finally got a new iron so I could wear this shirt. I got it at the Burlington Coat Factory. We just got one close by. TONS of cute clothes! and CHEAP. 

My MLFC girls said I should add a thin belt over the top, what do you think?

Wednesday. I wasn't feeling like getting dressed up today. It's raining BOOO and icky outside. Plus I knew I was going to have to change desks at work today which was going to involve climbing around under them to disconnect and connect computers.

I was just going to wear my boyfriend T from Target but decided to throw on my sweater at the last minute. It's blurry because we ALMOST missed the bus. HURRY HURRY.

My pants both yesterday and today are almost too big. 
I know crazy. 
I might have to go thrift store jean shopping again soon. 

Ok now for non clothes stuff today!

Here is my old cube. I've sat here for a few years which means I have crap everywhere that has just been stuck there because I needed it. I took it all down and moved it to my new desk.

Which is freaking HUGE. 

and the view from my desk. I can actually see outside now. 

There are perks to sitting in the cave (old desk area) and perks to sitting up front (hello windows!). I'm kind of sad to move out front again but I"m definitely liking the extra space. I'm sure I'll have plenty to bitch about still though :) I wouldn't be me otherwise, right?

I did my first video of myself talking tonight for the MLFit Camp. It was surprisingly easy. I see many vlogs coming up in the future. Brace yourself!

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Anonymous said...

You look so skinny!!!!! You look great girl, loving your outfits. I too am fashion challenged.

Sarah said...

Looking good! LOVE the new fashion. I am jealous. NOW, are you on the FSA side now? I am trying to figure out your location.

Chris H said...

You look fantastic girl! And your work desk looks great.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are so skinny!!
You still trying to lose?

Working from home allows me to walk the dog so I get to see outside. Working from home also makes for longer hours. Working from home doesn't let you talk to anyone but cranky customers on the phone or the dog. Working from home means you will never see what I wear to work. :-)

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