Monday, March 31, 2008


So I ended up working 9 hours today. Freaking crazy for this 6 hours and I'm out the door girl. We are having a big "invasive species" thing at work tomorrow and someone decided to wait until the last day to make 70 copies EACH of about 200 different papers. Guess who got to run the copier all day? Took me until almost 5:00 to get it all done. It will be a miracle if the copy machine doesn't revolt and die tomorrow since it was nice enough to work all day for me.

Got home and sat there dreading going to the grocery store. I told Scott you can go to the store or do the laundry and for some reason he picked the store. Ok works for me but I had to make a detailed list and only had to talk to him 3 times on the phone :O) I'm still scared to see how much he spent. I also haven't went searching to see if he bought any ice cream or candy. I could really go for some ice cream lol.

So all the random clean laundry is put away, time to go to bed and read a few pages of my book (N is for Noose by Sue Grafton).Pin It


Barb said...

Found your blog thru "Because I said so". Very fun! I know sending the hubster to the grocery is always an "iffy" proposition but he's not allowed to do laundry anymore ~ just think white silk pants and a new orange jacket (neither of which should have landed in the washing machine!)

Julie H said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have a real reader :O) Yeah I think the whole messing up the laundry thing falls under the catagory of "messing things up so I can get out of doing it again" thing. My favorite was when Scott used bleach on something on top of the washer, which all ran INSIDE the washer and ruined a load of clothes which were mostly all my NEW clothes I had just bought. I don't leave bleach by the washer anymore!

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