Saturday, December 31, 2022



Good morning happy New Year's Eve! 

I have zero plans because I'm still sick-ish and don't have the energy to go anywhere. 
Yesterday I worked on my hearts some more. I am almost done sewing them up. Just have some blue ones and darker red ones to finish. I think I am going to attempt to make some pom-poms next to put on the strings.

The house was so hot when I woke up. Trevor had turned the heater on (it is as old as dirt and you have to turn it on and off manually) and left it on for a few hours. I over slept so when I woke up it was so hot. Currently sitting with a fan on me.

Jess just asked me to watch the kids while she goes to the store in a bit. I was like ok but I have to take a shower first lol. I will be babysitting tomorrow too while she works so kids time! She said the baby is coughing, so sad :(

Maybe I can get her to pick up some Papa Murphy's Pizza for us for dinner tonight. That sounds good. 

What's everyone's NY Resolutions? 
I have the same as always, lose some weight, don't die and this year I'd like to be debt free! Although I am talking to my friend about buying her house down the street. Either me or my kids or a combo effort but that is different since that is an asset and not just some crap you buy on a credit card lol.  I just have Trevor's dental work ($1800), my car ($3600) and a bit of student loan left ($3K). Is anyone actually still trying to pay the student loans now? If I get everything else done I might just work on that some more to get rid of it, even though it has been approved to be swept away. We all know how that is going though. 

Ok guess I should go shower and get ready for the kids.

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Friday, December 30, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Hard to believe it is the last one of 2022. This year went fast. I think they just go faster the older you get. 

Yesterday I worked on my little stuffed hearts. I decided I needed to go buy new pinking shears and asked Trevor if he wanted to go with me. So we went to Joanns and then next door to Kohls so I could use the Kohls cash I got. I had $30 so didn't want to waste it. I got 2 bath towel sheets for $1.06 out of pocket. Nice!

Then we decided to go to sushi. It was pretty packed so it took awhile to get our food but it was so good. We got stuffed mushrooms which I didn't take a picture of but I will definitely get that again, miso soup and 2 rolls, a garlic roll and a dragon roll.  Delicious

I think my mom was going through some pictures yesterday, she sent this one of my Grandma from Christmas 1993. My mom was like look how tired she is, she had made dinner for everyone so yeah probably lol. Cooking for everyone is exhausting. My step Grandpa was in the picture who I claimed like a real grandpa until after she died and I found out he had a girlfriend. F$cker. You're cropped out. He's still alive but lives in Pennsylvania. Grandma's house is just sitting there but I think my cousin may live there. I'd love to have that house. HUGE great room they built on, perfect for the family gatherings. 

This is my mom. I love this picture. I told her we should frame it with one of each of us through the years making the same face lol. 

I have a basket of hearts done, I still have a big stack to finish sewing. Stuffing them is the worst part. I need to remember to leave the opening larger so it's not a struggle. 

I have one email of something to do this morning so I guess I'll get that done!

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Thursday, December 29, 2022


 Good morning!

Happy Thursday, wish it was Friday. Stayed home from the office again today since why even go in, so stupid. Plus still coughing a lot so no one needs to be around that. Hardly anything to do either.

Yesterday I was looking for some kind of Valentine's fabric project and found this one

I cut some hearts out of all of my heart & Valentine's fabrics. Next I'm going to do some coordinating fabrics I think. I was thinking it would be cute with some pom poms too.

Oh and I forgot I made a few Christmas coasters from scraps that were on my table first. The bear one in the middle was already pieced in that stuff I got from the neighbor lady awhile back. Glad I saved it, it's cute ;)

Trevor has to go to the Dr today for his ingrown toenail. He had surgery on it awhile back and now it's all gross again. I thought that was supposed to take care of it forever.  Not planning on going with him for that. 

We are supposed to get a big storm. I looked and it said .5 inches projected lol. Just kind of laughed when they were like we're getting sand bags just in case. The river is at 7' and can be over 20'. I don't ever start worrying about anything until all the little islands disappear (can see them from the bridge going over the road).  The water is a sad sad state around here. We'll see how this big storm does. 

That's about all the excitement here!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday!
I ended up watching these monkeys all day yesterday since their mom was sick.

After they left I cleaned up and went to bed lol.

The day after Christmas I worked on this paint by number I bought myself all day. Totally messed up the bunny and the mouse. I should have started with those and used a smaller paint brush since the lines were so tiny. Oh well lol. I'll hang it up in my crafty room :)

Tubby loves sitting in this thing, it is so funny!

Another slow work day. Trevor went to work and came home already. He is off on a date with his girl crush. They are going ice skating later. Woohooo for him leaving the house haha. 

I didn't take any Nyquil last night and actually didn't wake myself up coughing so that's a plus. Coughing a bit of stuff up here and there so maybe I'll be well soon. It could be a nice New Years Present lol. 

There is a NYE party out here but I think I am going to skip it this year. 8-12 and $10 for snacks. Doesn't even sound fun this year. I'm still tired from Christmas. 

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Monday, December 26, 2022


Good morning are you ready for Christmas pictures?

Resting while waiting for everyone to get here 

We always open presents youngest to oldest but let Daniel kind of go at the same time as Lilly since he's too little to understand. Jess brought this little booster seat which was perfect since she topples over if she just sits by herself. 

My mom got her the hat and Minnie lol

Trying out her toy from Santa

He didn't want to hold still for a picture with his presents lol

Trevor put these noise wants in everyone's stockings

Trevor's turn

This mug has Ramen on the the front but inside it says "Send Noods" I thought it was hilarious lol

Melissa's turn

Eric had to work so Melissa sent me his picture this morning



I got presents! Scott bought me a new Serger! Jess got me a really nice Grandma mug too

Trevor got Scott a new fishing pole, I got him some new jeans and t shirts

I missed getting a picture of Jessica's puppy when he was here for awhile. Simon LOVES him. Rusty & Snookie not so much lol. They went to Daniel's dad's for a bit and we cleaned up and ate snacks. My friend Cassi came over for awhile and hung out too. She brought this cool Vodka bottle with her

Melissa trying to nap 

Jess really wanted to make us the lasagna and was sad she wasn't going to be back in time to make it but we just waited for her since we were full of snacks anyways. She was happy she got to make it and the pasta bake. 

She wanted to take the white table cloth off the table since Daniel likes to put his food on the table lol. Whatever works so he eats. He carried these Blue's Clue's figures around with him all day and lined them up.

I blinked in the closer picture of me and Scott so this is the other side of the table lol. I didn't get the table set nice since people were sitting there all day. No worries, no one cared lol.

After everyone left I sat and took a break for awhile then washed up all the dishes. 

I coughed so much last night, so annoying. I got up and took some Nyquil and then looked at the clock and it was 5am. Good thing I didn't have to go anywhere today since I fell back to sleep until 10!

This morning Jess said she had a fever again last night and little Daniel is sick too. I told her I can come get the baby later if she wants. So far she said she was sleeping so we shall see if I'm babysitting later.  I don't have any other plans. Need to clean up my sewing room again so I can work in there. Time to pull out the Valentine's fabrics ;)

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Sunday, December 25, 2022


 Good morning Merry Christmas Sunday!

We are just waiting for the kids to get here. We had to chase Tubby off the baby toy she thought it was for her lol She was attacking the hanging parts.

I got up and vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and took a shower. Got myself ready and cooked some sausage to go with the other stuff.  At this rate we'll be eating dinner at 9 or so tonight.

Melissa and Jess are sick now. Maybe little Daniel too we'll see how he is when he gets here. Joy! 

Yesterday I shopped my ass off and then came home and made dinner for Scott's mom's house. I took her new PJ's I bought her and she was happy about those. 

Chicken pot pie with biscuits! Always yummy.

His mom kept spitting in her trash can while she was eating and then after she ate she drank her cup of milk, lays down and a few minutes barfs it all up. Then goes to sleep. There is one for the life is so crazy you just have to laugh book. I felt bad leaving Scott there when I left around 8 but I had a bunch of stuff to do. 

Got home and cleaned the kitchen, made some spaghetti sauce, some meatballs, washed a few loads of laundry, wrapped some gifts, stuffed some stockings and went to bed at 2:30 in the morning. Stupid me took some Musinex last night so I kept waking up coughing with a tickle in my throat. So annoying. 

I've had a cup of coffee, sausage, a bagel and 1/2 a chocolate donut. Whee oh and a Sudafed. 

Jess said the baby just fell asleep so they'll come when she wakes up since she usually just cat naps. I think I should have got more lunch stuff than breakfast. Noted for next year ;)

Might have to take a nap on the couch while we wait haha
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Saturday, December 24, 2022


Good morning happy Christmas Eve! I finally woke up without a fever, it's a Christmas miracle. I got myself showered, dressed and even put some make up on. Now I'm drinking a cup of coffee and hoping this Sudafed and nose spray will get my ears to stop ringing. I'd pay $50 for my left ear to unplug. So annoying. TG I had all those cold meds stocked up. I'm definitely going to have to replenish for the next virus.

Going to go do a little bit more Christmas shopping since I wrapped all the gifts yesterday and one kid is way behind the others in the dollar department. Anyone else add up everything to make sure it is even lol. Don't want anyone being left out. I think I have a little it of an idea of what to get now so that will help. Hopefully there is a few things left in the stores.

Then I need to hit the grocery store and get a few things. 

If you all could clean my house and do some laundry while I'm gone that would be great. Rusty really needs a bath too. 

My mom came by yesterday and dropped off everyone's presents so it looks nice and full under the tree lol. Trevor also wrapped a bunch of stuff. I feel slightly guilty not buying gifts for my brother's kids but the kids probably won't even notice since they get so much stuff. 

This morning Scott is wondering if we're all coming over to his mom's. I have a feeling I'll be over there later. I don't think the kids will be though. It's kind of a miracle she didn't get the flu from Scott. It's so hard to be like ok we'll just have dinner over there when she complains about everything. I was thinking how last year was the last one with his sister and she ended up yelling at us and started crying. Sad :( 

Anyhow that's enough of that. Just topped off my coffee, I guess I better hurry up!

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Thursday, December 22, 2022


Hello happy I'm almost out of shopping days Thursday night. What's what's the bad thing about being a procrastinator? You might get sick on your days you planned on doing things.

Monday Melissa came over and we worked on cookies. Jess came and helped a bit with Lilly too.

Melissa finally getting the hang of the spritz cookies herself!

We made, spritz, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, pinwheel, oatmeal raisin (for Scott) and Mrs. Fields as we call them. 

We got done around 9:00pm so that was about a record. 

Tuesday I worked from home because Trevor was running a fever and I was sure I was going to be sick soon. Jess called me exhausted and asked if I could please watch the kids so she could sleep. They apparently like to party all night long. Hopefully the virus they had a couple weeks ago is the same as what we have.

He took the truck ornaments off the tree and would put them on the table or the tv bookcase thing depending on what room he was in. 

she's all about the cat nap

Toddler proof teleworking station. Good thing it is super slow right now.

and then not too long after they left I was sick. Ugh. Spent the last 2 days in bed. 

At one point Trevor came in and asked me if I was alive yesterday lol. I feel a lot better today but oddly had a low fever this afternoon. I got up at one point and did a load of laundry and the dishes then went back to bed. Now I'm up again. We'll see if I can stay up now. I think I am going to wrap some presents. 

The "caroling" train for the kids just went by when I was taking the dogs out. No one was singing though. They need to work on that. It's went from caroling to riding around with Christmas music playing. The kids need to learn the songs lol.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have darts. We'll see what I sound like in the morning. I might have to get a sub. I am going to have to go out and get a few more presents on Christmas Eve I think. Good thing I don't have any plans that day. 

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