Sunday, May 22, 2022


Good morning happy no plans Sunday! Well other than cleaning up the toys all over the living room and then being a bum. That's my plans for the day. I'm so tired from being so busy lately. 

Friday night my friend Cassi finally got back here so we went to the bar and hung out and played darts. She has been down south taking care of her granddaughter for months.  Saturday morning I was awake nice and early and then my mom and her whole crew showed up to put up this covering she bought to put her tiny trailer under. It took them almost all day. Scott, my brothers, my dad and my cousin Al.

My mom doesn't do anything a little bit haha

My niece Adrian and Little Joe came too. Little Joe went from hardly talking to non stop talking. OMG I was so tired by the time he left lol. I didn't really expect to be babysitting him all day but that is kind of what happened. He would be like Aunt Julie Aunt Julie Aunt Julie. He couldn't just play without input from who ever was with him. Little kids are fun haha. Around 2 or so I went and got Daniels so maybe they could play a little bit. 

Once they finally got it all done we sat out front and hung out. I managed to get sunburnt but being in the shade and inside most of the day. WTH. 

The view from my bedroom window lol. Yes the backyard looks like crap and the grass is all dead. I need to work on that. Mom had a sleep over in her little trailer last night. It's like her little playhouse lol. Whatever makes her happy. We weren't using the porch for anything other than storing crap so it's fine.

Daniel fed Woody some dry cereal while he ate some too. So funny.

He played for a long time. I looked over and he was sitting in the toy basket. He sat in there for probably 10 minutes. Eventually he went home and I was just laying around. Cassi messaged and asked if I wanted to go play darts again so we did that.

They had had a spaghetti dinner so they had pretty flowers on the tables. 

We hung out until about 11 then called it a night!


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Friday, May 20, 2022


 Good morning happy FriYeah!
I was a bad girl yesterday and went to the thrift store on my lunch. Snagged a ton of fabric for super cheap. After work I went and got a massage at the mall, then hit Carters for some clothes for little Daniel and then the grocery store. I mostly just got some premade salads, wraps and a few meals from the deli section. I so haven't been wanting to cook since it is just Trevor and I and half the time he's made something to eat after he got home from work. I brought a wrap to work for lunch and may have ate half of it for breakfast. I might have to eat my breakfast for lunch at this rate lol.

On my way home Melissa texted me that her and Eric are now engaged. That's exciting! She doesn't have a ring yet so I asked her if she'd like my Grandma Pecka's ring. Don't mind my enormous hands sheesh.

I took the clothes over for the little guy and he wanted to come home with me, so cute. He played for an hour or so then was ready to go home again.

He uses Snookies steps to get up on my bed then climbs down the other side

Baby sitter Snookie

The cats were watching too lol

After I took him home I worked on my scrap cleaning again. I still have this whole can left to clean up.

I'm dragging butt today. So tired. My tongue is all funky this morning. I have a geographical tongue and this morning it is all funky. I took an allergy pill so hopefully that will help. It is windy again today too. It has been windy a lot lately. A little breeze is nice, why can't we just have a little one?

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Thursday, May 19, 2022


Good morning happy Friday eve! I'm ready for the weekend, although I don't think I'll be sleeping in since my mom is bring her trailer and covering thing over and has my brothers coming to help set it up. 

Here is a pretty little wildflower garden they planted across the courtyard from me, it's so pretty! Our office is like -30 degrees with the ac on lately so it is tempting to just go sit out there and warm up a bit haha. Yesterday it was in the high 90's and I kept my sweater on for probably 15 minutes after I left work until I warmed up.

For dinner last night we had burritos from the corner place by work. Trevor requested them for dinner so twist my arm. 

After dinner I worked on cleaning up my scraps from when I was making the car bags/coasters and the baby quilt. I still have a whole can of scraps to clean up.  I want to do some strip quilt blocks I think and use some up. I always enjoy making those.

Work is so ***yawn*** boring. Working on some letters for people to report their tractor hours. I missed doing them the last 2 years because of Covid. I've just been emailing them so far, we'll see if anyone returns them. If not then I'll mail them when it is time for the 2022 ones to go out. Figure why waste postage and paper if people will do it through email.

I've been listening to all the episodes of Beautiful Anonymous that I've missed while I work. TG for headphones. Lets all pray they don't decide to hire more people like the 2 girls that got laid off that I had to share my job with. I'll really die of boredom again. 


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Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day!
I'm super tired today, after work I cleaned up the back patio a bit and burned a bunch of wood. 
I think I just got too hot because I got the heat headache after that turns into a migraine. I had to just go to bed after a bit so sleep it off. I woke up at like 11 and was awake forever.

I was going to work on that some more after work today but it is supposed to be pretty hot I think so I might not. Maybe if I do it later at night. I have the stuff I want to burn first all sorted out haha.

I'm going to have to find me a work project to do. I can't shred anything since the shredder isn't working. Boooo. Probably can't order a new one until the first. The gal that I send orders to is such a miserable person I hate to even email her if I don't have to (or have to). She definitely needs to retire.


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Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Good morning happy I almost called in sick Tuesday! I am so tired today for some reason. Probably since I haven't had a down day since last Thursday. 

Yesterday wasn't very exciting. Just work where this beotch kept making my day more difficult. I freaking hate this printer. First of all we have to use our card to make it work. Which is fine if it will read your card. I had to restart it once for that not working. Then later I'm working away printing stuff and get to the printer and there is nothing there. WTF. I had to restart it again and then it started printing them out. Piece of crap. Oh and I think I did kill the shredder. I emailed the two bosses and told them it was dead and no response. Might try using the other departments to get rid of this pile of stuff on my book case that needs to be shredded.

After work I ate a plate of nachos and finished off the cheese we had at our house and then washed all the dishes. I took the neighbor's bowl over to them and hung out for awhile and then came home with a set of Pyrex nesting bowls for Melissa. She was talking about how she wanted some like mine and the neighbor was like I have some you can have. She's super excited. I had to open the box to see what colors they are. Yellow and green :) Mine are yellow and orange and my mom also has yellow and green. I use mine all the time, which is probably why Melissa wants some lol. One time years ago I bought a whole set at a garage sale for $1 and sold them on eBay. Now they go for like $75 and up depending on the color (plus shipping). 

Today's plan is to make it through the work day and then maybe take a nap? Who knows what I'll end up doing when I get home lol. I should probably go to the store since I'm out of creamer. Tomorrow's Julie will be upset with me if I don't have creamer.


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Monday, May 16, 2022


Good morning happy exhausted Monday!

Yesterday we took BART to the A's game where we tailgated for a little bit and then walked in with the drunk geriatric crew to a box lol. Our friend got the box for free this time with his season tickets. Usually they give food and drinks but not this time so we had to buy our own (while in the box). The whole place doesn't take any cash. So weird.  

Scott sat in his spot here and coached the team. It got pretty warm there so I had to move since I was wearing shorts and my legs are 10 shades of white.

This guy was pretty popular. He only wore the horse for a bit. Someone in our group called him over to find out who he was. 

He is a You Tuber. I still have to go watch one of his shows but he has a very large following.

After the game (which they lost) we took BART back and then went to dinner at La Villa. My stomach was full of beer so I just had the lunch meal lol. 

After I got home I went over to Jessica's house (mostly to get cake) and since they weren't home I straightened up the kitchen and found all my dishes that I had brought over for the shower. They got home just as I was finishing up. They had went to Great Wolf for the day to play in the water.

Came home and had some cake and went to bed. I had to get up at 3 to take the dogs out and then I was awake for quite awhile so I'm dragging ass today.

Tubby thinks this stroller is for her apparently

Lucy has claimed the puff bed as hers

My friend Dee got us these cute mugs

Ok back to work. I have a few things to do and need to see if I can get the shredder going lol.

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Sunday, May 15, 2022


Good morning! Happy post baby shower Sunday! Only a bit of resting this morning since I am going to the A's game with Scott and the neighbors. Hopefully he'll remember I'm there with him this time haha.

The baby shower was nice and now the baby girl will have enough clothes to keep her dressed for a bit. Since she's a summer baby she won't need too much because it is so hot here. Onsies and diapers!

Me failing to get a proper baby bump picture. whooops.

This one is better with my next door neighbors :)

This little guy loves his Grandpa. Why do all the little kids always like him so much, I don't get it haha. Super sweet though!

Safeway cake was delicious. I got the marble cake with fresh strawberries for the filling and whipped cream frosting. SO GOOD. 

Oh look who is having cake with Grandpa.

We only played a couple games but this one is always so funny, make a baby with playdough. This is my bestie Carolyn

Melissa won with her swaddled baby (think it was the dk green one). Trevor made a dinosaur lmao

oh look dirt

Besties Carolyn & Dee

Girl party on the porch with Daniel's sisters and their friends

Daniel's grandma and cousin 

Melissa & Mom

Playing the baby shower bingo. Scott trying to figure out what people will buy babies to fill in the boxes lol

The party was nice, now to go to the A's game! I need to finish getting ready. I found the appropriate colored green shirt ;) 

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Saturday, May 14, 2022


 Hello my name is Julie and I'm tired! I bet you knew that already though! Today is shower day! I need to go throw my pants and shorts into the washer asap. Well maybe one more cup of coffee.  I'm glad the shower isn't until later so we don't have to rush in the morning. 

Yesterday I went shopping with Jess and this messy guy. We went to Target, Ross, and the grocery store to get party stuff. Then we went back to her house where I washed dishes and she cleaned. Then I watched the little guy and pulled some weeds while he played and she cleaned the carpet. Eventually I just brought him back to my house and he played while I cooked the mac salad, pasta salad and made a fruit salad (and dinner). She brought these ravioli meatball things for him for dinner haha. He had a swim in the bath tub after that.

He was running around playing and came back to me crying. I think he hit his head on my sewing table. On the left you can see a dark dot, it was like pushed in but a goose egg around it. Poor guy! We sat for a bit then he went back to zooming. Eventually I took him for a walk and then we came back and both fell asleep lol. I slept like a rock last night, which was good since I didn't sleep well the night before.

Today I need to go pick up the cake, run into Costco to get some flowers for the tables and then go decorate and party! I'm already tired so hopefully this coffee kicks in soon ;)

I could not figure out why my car smelled like Fritos and finally figured it out. DUH the big bag of tortilla chips from Costco chilling in the back.  I'm a smart one. Lets all pray it isn't super windy today. It is supposed to be in the 90's but the party is at 3 so hopefully it won't take too long to cool down. 

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Friday, May 13, 2022


Hello happy I'm not working today Friday. I should take days off more often. It is great! Yesterday I spent all day doing the crafty things for the baby shower. 

I had this picture hanging over my bed for about 30 years. The sun totally bleached it out to the point that it was getting spooky lol. I tried giving it away thinking someone could repurpose the frame but no takers so I decided to do it myself.

I painted it for the baby shower. After if Jess doesn't want it we can still repurpose the frame, paint it again or toss it. No big deal.  (also made the little bunting thing) I fixed the droopy i dot after this picture too ;)

I finished up the baby quilt. I did a bit of a cheat for the binding since I had left enough backing I could just fold it over to the front. I stitched around twice. Done!

Tubby helped me make the pom poms. These are from the dollar store, they are so cute. I figure we can drape them around the porch railings or something. I made some of the big tissue balls too.

Jessica's cat Sheba went missing yesterday evening to so we were all worried about her since she lives so close to the levee and there are a lot of coyotes. I brought little Daniel over to my house for a bit so mom could look some more and not worry about him. She finally found her this morning under the house. TG she wasn't a coyote snack.  I slept like crap all night worrying about her and my toe nail was bugging me haha. Stupid I should have just got up and fixed it so I could sleep but didn't want to get up. I kind of slept in this morning kind of just laid there being lazy. 

Today Jess and I are going to go to the store to get the groceries for tomorrow and a couple gifts for the shower games. Going to make a mac salad and maybe a potato salad too for tomorrow. I kind of have a sinus headache so I should probably take some allergy meds.

I have a thing for 2 free nights in Reno again. I'm tempted to book it and if no one can come with me I'll just go by myself haha. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2022


Hello happy Thursday from my kitchen table! I took today and tomorrow off to help get ready for the baby shower this Saturday. I was thinking after this we will have a break and not have to get ready for anything but then the baby will be here at the end of June. That will keep us busy ;)

I'm still hoping to finish up this little quilt, I think I'll leave it this way that I have it now. Just add some borders, back and binding and call it done. It's just supposed to be a little fun quilt so I need to stop worrying about changing it around and stuff. Lesson learned to plan things out better before sewing together. I'm glad to finally use up these little panels too. 

Yesterday my mom's dad passed away. She was estranged from him for most of my life so I feel no emotion what so ever. It is weird to know you are related to someone and have no feelings. But like I told my mom he knew where we lived (he actually lived right down the street from me and would even go visit my neighbors) so if he wanted a relationship with us he could have if he tried. He was 93 so he lived a long life of not trying haha. 

I will have to go out one more time to get stuff for the baby shower. Maybe 2 actually. I need to go to the grocery store and get some stuff and then Saturday morning go pick up the cake and I wanted to grab some fresh flowers from Costco to put on the tables. Hopefully all the random stuff I've bought will look cute. Oh I need to get some baby shower game prizes too. 

Today I am going to work on printing out some game cards for the baby present bingo and make some tissue paper poof balls and I don't know what else haha. Since we got an actual cake I don't have to make cupcakes or little topper things for them like I had originally planned. 

Ok I guess I should do something today other than think about everything I should do haha
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Monday, May 9, 2022


Hello happy Monday! I got off work 4 hours early today and went and did some shopping for the baby shower. I spent a bunch of money but now I look at the bags and it doesn't look like I bought anything haha. Mostly got stuff to make some decorations out of, some plates and that kind of stuff. Just need to go get a roll of that table cloth stuff from the party store and get the food now I think. And make the stuff up.

Last night I worked on making a quilt top for the new baby. I've had these cat and dog panels forever. I took a picture last night of what I had so far and now I'm trying to decide how to cut it up to make it better. Or leave it how it is and just add borders on the sides. Decisions decisions. Probably going to cut it up some more. 

Last night's dinner from the local Chinese food place.

I found the Dollar Tree that has the craft section today. Lots of fun stuff but some girl came to restock stuff while I was looking and was in the way so I moved  on. The mermaid fabric is for the baby shower. 

Check out what you can get at Wal Mart now, your 70's closet back. They had no carts so I had to carry my stuff around (mostly went to get a new coffee pot since I broke my carafe this morning) and then they only had two actual checkers open so I went to the self check out since my arms were going to fall off from all the crap I found to buy. I ended up buying a replacement carafe which of course is not the correct size so now I have to take it back and just buy a coffee pot like I should have done in the first place.

I took my tables and tent over to Jessica's house for this weekend. They were still floating around in the car so I wanted to take them out. Hung out for awhile and took Snookie with me. Sheba is only a tiny bit afraid of her but ready to attack her if need be haha. Daniel was watching Snookie pant and then started panting too, it was too cute.

Pretty Sheba

Finally took my thrift store buys from last week out yesterday and snapped a picture to share. Got a bunch of patterns to maybe sell/maybe use and fabric type stuff. I used that glass water bottle today and it is really heavy. I was thinking it would be good to take water for work since we don't have a water machine anymore. I drank it on the way today since I didn't have any coffee haha.

Scott came over to finish cleaning up the yard and now he's chilling in the living room. He said he doesn't want to go back to his mom's. Yes I understand. Totally. 

Ok off to cut up this quilt haha. 


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