Friday, September 30, 2022


Good morning happy Fr-Yeah!

Yesterday I got my keychains finished up

and some cup cozies that were all ready to sew finished

Now I don't feel any rush to finish anything else before Sunday so I can just putter through some sports fabrics if I feel like sewing. 

I need to go through my boxes and get everything organized tomorrow. I will pack up Saturday night so Sunday I can leave before the sun comes up! 

Made it into work today but I am already caught up with everything on my desk. Apparently they aren't switching my boss/duties over until probably the beginning of November now. It is going to be such a cluster f&ck I can see it already.  

Going on my lunch to get change for Sunday, have to remember to do that!

Tonight I have darts so that should be fun. 
I've been watching that movie Blonde and sheesh how depressing. 


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Thursday, September 29, 2022


Good morning, happy Friday eve! 
I've been consumed by keychains. I got all these done yesterday. FINALLY done with all the Disney Fabrics woohoo

Onto Sports. Blah my least favorite. Not making all of what I have stashed up though.  These just need to be sewn around the edges and then they will be done woohoo. 

After Sunday I need to clean my sewing room it's a mess lol. The weather is looking pretty good, mid to high 80's lets just pray for no wind. 

October is busy we have 
October 2nd Lodi Street Faire
October 8th Daniel's birthday (and our friends Tiki Party that night)
October 18th is Scott's bday so we'll probably have dinner either that night or the weekend before or after with the kids
October 30th I'm doing a craft show in Fremont

Still waiting for that woman to tell me what's up with my job. Yesterday she messaged me when I was up getting something to eat so I didn't see it until an hour later when I got an email notification that someone had messaged me. Hopefully I get the 411 soon. 

Trevor is making us breakfast and it smells so good. 

I've been watching people's videos from Florida and the storm. So crazy how the whole Gulf of Mexico just disappeared. Weather is some crazy shit.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Good morning happy hump day!

Yesterday after work I finally went to Joanns to get interfacing and batting. I got 10 yards of interfacing and used almost all of it already. Here's my stack of keychains to work on with the interfacing attached. 

Got all the Disney ones ready to sew around the edges and then they will be done. Finally! Glad to be done with those fabrics (minus the extra Winnie the Pooh and Villain's bags I set aside).  The rest is sports keychains, most of which I had already partially made. I'm doing 10 Raiders, A's, 49ers and Giants, those are the big sellers and then a few misc that I had started or pulled out a bit of fabric. 

Man I walked outside 4 times this morning mostly for Simon and now I have a headache. It was like BOOM here I am. OMG just had to go outside again for this dog she had herself all wrapped up. That's enough outside time for her for a bit.

These 2 yesterday. They are so funny with this box, they like fight over it. Tina got up and Lucy jumped in and took a big nap. I think I need to put a little bit bigger one next to it since the other box is smaller and they can't spread out as much. 

These dogs are off the hook this morning sheesh. They're going to need a nap soon haha.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! 
Yesterday was fun my friend Cassi and I went to the Sky River Casino. It was just down straight down the freeway and one turn off the exit so super easy to get to. Of course we mostly just left a donation but we did find a few machines that would play a bit. 

Afterwards we went to Bunco down at the club kitchen. We didn't win anything there either haha. 

So far today just doing work stuff. I have a You Tube training thing on 2x play speed since I don't actually do most of the stuff in the training but we still have to listen to it all. So dumb. 

Just ordered Lilly a Christmas stocking off eBay so she'll have one to match everyone else.  I'll just have to put her name on it. They are not cheap but I don't want to make one haha. 

Peg mentioned that I get a lot of time off for work. I don't really get that much time off I just take a day here and there (usually padding the Holiday weekends) instead of taking it all at once. I had a lot of time saved up from 2 years of working at home and not really being able to go anywhere. I have a lot of sick time on the books too since you can easily work at home if you are a little sick but not like I'm dying sick.  So Friday I took a sick day to take Scott to the dentist and then Monday was a vacation day.

Trevor's cream medicine he got for his spots seems to be helping already! TG hopefully it can clear up his forehead. Then I can push him more to go get a job ;)

Probably run to Joanns after work so I can get my keychains going. Might also just wait til tomorrow to do that and go after work since I'm going into the office tomorrow (as of now). We shall see. 

Cooking a chicken I took out awhile ago that I kept not cooking. Sounds good for lunch ;)


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Monday, September 26, 2022


Good morning happy I'm off today Monday!  I have about 1/2 an hour left then I have to get ready to go out with my friend today. 

Yesterday I finally got these bags done! I still have a big pile of some cut out but those are going to go into a box for later lol. I was rummaging in my box with unfinished stuff and found a stack of bags I had started for the car show and didn't finish that I already forgot about. I still have a bunch of those all the way made up so no need to make more yet. I found a bunch of sports keychains that I had started so I pulled those out. I worked on piecing some more keychains together for the rest of the night. I have to get some interfacing to make them up. Maybe I'll get some today, if not tomorrow for sure.  I ordered more keychain clips yesterday too so those are on their way. 

Not exactly sure where we are going today other than an Indian Casino (I'm sure that is not PC now right?) and then back in time for Bunco. 


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Sunday, September 25, 2022


Good morning! A miracle happened this morning. There was NO PEE ON THE FLOOR. It's amazing! Finally. Probably due to having the water bowel picked up all day so Daniel wouldn't play in it, but I'll take it haha.

Here is my plan for today. Just need to sew around the edges and get these done! I need to hurry up and get in there and get going.

Trevor cleaned his room yesterday evening so I got up to all the dishes we own on the counter needing to be washed. I got one load done so far.

My other rack came yesterday and Trevor put it together for me. I had Scott tighten up the bottoms so hopefully they won't lean too much now. Daniel had fun spinning them around. I got all the coasters and mug rugs priced yesterday and put into one box too. 

The little guy finally crashed out after playing for a couple hours and he took a pretty good nap. Rusty relocated to be next to me when I went in my sewing room but they were cute there together. 

I need to eat something for breakfast and then get busy!


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Saturday, September 24, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I will be sewing these bags up today. Hopefully I can get them all done. I just have the lower left corner stack to iron on the batting and pin the zipper in. Then we'll get sewing! I had a lot more bags to do but I pulled them out because I'm running out of time. Narrowed it down to one of each print. I'll go back to the others later.

Yesterday I went with Scott to the dentist and killed time while he was there. I went to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions. Trevor used to be so funny with his little Blue's Clue's Notebook. I'd have to go to Rite Aid to buy them since that was the only place I could find them. He had a bunch lol.

My kids had one of these sets, I almost bought this for Daniel to play. Might go onto eBay and see if I can find a lot of playdough toys. 

Tina helping me sew

Trevor went to the dermatologist yesterday and they took a biopsy of his forehead. They are saying they think it is psoriasis and gave him some meds. :( The bad thing about that is that never goes away. 

Need to eat some breakfast and then I'm going to go into the sewing room. 


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Friday, September 23, 2022


Good morning! I still have my Google sheets and my blog so I guess they didn't take that away for not giving my billing info. So hard to figure out what is a real thing sometimes. 

Have to go in a few minutes to pick Scott up for his dental appointment.  

Didn't do much sewing yesterday but I am ALMOST done with the piecing. On the last batch. I tried to finish it last night but I was too tired after going to darts (we sucked but I got 1 Low Ton from getting 2 bulls eyes) and hanging out. Came home at like 9 because there were so many freaking bugs biting inside and outside the clubhouse. Apparently they sprayed for mosquitos with a plane last night so hopefully that helps.

Little miss Brooklyn got to leave the hospital yesterday. Here she is with her Stella and Little Joe. They look huge next to her. She is not even 5 pounds yet. I asked my mom if she was a preemie and she said she was born at 32 week. Amazing she is doing so well with how she came into this world. Hopefully she will continue that way.

Last night someone was talking about a dermatologist in Tracy and I got the name of the place. I just called and they had an appointment today so Trevor can go in and get this horrible rash he's had forever on his forehead. It is raging red. He's guessing they will say psoriasis. It doesn't quite look like the pictures of that when I've looked it up before but we'll see. So far he's had steroid cream and antifungal oral meds and nothing has got rid of it. Probably needs some shots of something. 

Ok out of time have to go pick up the man!

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Thursday, September 22, 2022


Morning! Oh man just looked at the time and it is already almost 11! Crazy. If I disappear tomorrow it's because I didn't put a credit card on some Google Workspace thing I keep getting emailed about. As far as I know I don't have anything that is Google Workspace and I can't even figure out where I would pay it on my Google account. I figure if it gets rid of me then I guess I'll go figure it out. I just have this and some Google sheets I use for keeping track of stuff. 

Yesterday Jess asked if Daniel could come over after work so I didn't go to the store. I have nothing. I need to go to the store but when I don't know. Maybe Trevor will go. 

I had Trevor vacuum for me so I just had to tidy up a bit. Trevor bought himself a new TV and he had it out in the living room last night. It is really nice. Might just buy one like that. 

While he was here  I started working on putting little tabs on my coasters and cozies and I just finished playing with the cozies lol.  I stayed up until after midnight putting the tabs on and organizing them a bit. I am going to have to use one whole rack for that and one for the coasters/cozy combos. Once those sell then I guess I'll use them for keychains. I can hang extra keychains from the tent for now. Or debating ordering a 3rd rack hmmm lol. Maybe I should see how it goes at the first show with them. I need to ask Scott to tighten the pole up for me, I did it as far as I can by myself and it's still a bit of a leaner. Or I can go find a wrench in the garage some where I suppose. It's a disaster out there. I finally ventured out there to wash some towels so I have that going. Time to go out and change it again.

Little Miss Tubz in my rocking chair my mom sent home with me the other day. 

Working from home today, off Friday for the dentist for Scott and then Cassi asked if I could take Monday or Tuesday off to go to a casino somewhere so I took Monday off and then Tuesday Telework (setting myself up haha). Although Trevor has been driving me nuts so I might have to get out before then. Darts tonight too. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022



Good morning happy hump day! I had to come into the office today for a staff meeting and I just noticed it isn't until 12:30. What a horrible time for a meeting. Is she bringing lunch because that's my lunch time lol.

Yesterday I opened the window in my sewing room for the first time in quite awhile. Tina made herself all comfy in her box with the lace curtain, so funny!

Then she got up and Lucy was like my turn! 

Then she got her box back and Lucy gave in to the other box lol. They are so funny. They don't like each other but both want to be in the good seat.

I worked on my Disney fabrics all day yesterday. I have one small pile to finish piecing and then I can go onto the next step. 

I should go by the grocery store on the way home and pick up a few things. We are down to just meat in the freezer. The fridge is bare! We need some snacks and things to just some quick things to eat. Also someone needs to do the laundry while I'm gone so I don't have to do it. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Good morning! It's a slightly humid morning here after a nice big rain yesterday! I have big puddles in my driveway again. I need to call and order some more gravel before it rains for weeks at a time. I ended up staying late at work yesterday working on those letters. I kept being "almost done" and next thing I knew it was an hour later haha. See I work hard when I have things to work on ;) So those are all on the boss' desk to be signed. She did sign some that I got done earlier in the day so those are scanned so I can upload a copy to their online file. Good busy work for later haha.

Scott went over to Jessica's to put a new belt on her dryer (thank God he knows how to fix shit, he needs to give classes for all the kids for some day when he can't) so I went over with my bag full of goodies I had bought for the kids. I got Jess some kitchen towels awhile back that had black cats, moons and starts on them, fuzzy slippers and headbands for Lilly and Buzz Lightyear & Woody PJ's for Daniel. 

Here he is holding still for 5 seconds. He loved the jammies

Lilly with her slippers and bow haha. The slippers are a hoot. They have some tiny ears on them but you can't really see them. She is so close to laughing out loud.

My rack that I ordered for my booth came yesterday. Trevor helped me put it together. It is going to work out great I think! It is easy to take it apart for traveling. I ordered a 2nd one already so I can put mug cozies and coasters on one and keychains on another. You can position the peg hooks at whatever level you want so for the longer stuff you could even leave some out/add them to the other rack etc. Now to put the little plastic hang tags on all the cup cozies and coasters. They are not going to fit in the shoe boxes the same after I do that so I might try doing a rubber band or something and then that will also make it so they don't take up so much room in the boxes. Always a work in progress on the booth set up! 

Simon is outside playing on her tie out. She loves to go outside. Hopefully she poops while she's out there, although she probably doesn't have any left after she crapped all over the house last night/this morning. 

My brother and sister in law are still working on getting the baby. They decided to name her Brooklyn (as of yesterday) so that is super cute. I think they are going to court today.

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Monday, September 19, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! Made it to the office today. My boss just asked me to write some letters so that is what I'll be doing all day (as soon as she gets me a template, which she was supposed to do months ago haha).  Almost caught up on everything else I had to work on already too. 

I wanted to come to work today to get a break from the animals. I love them but they are a bit exhausting. Yesterday they were all fighting over this little cottage cheese bowl that Simon has been carrying around for a few days. I'm like wth are you even fighting about lol.

It's a good thing she's cute.

Then this one, I swear!

I know better than to leave these drawers open but lost my mind for a sec and took the dogs out and she threw the green fabrics all over. Luckily I caught her before she did the whole drawer. 

I spent Saturday (except when I went to my reunion) and Sunday working on the last of the Disney fabrics to make up. Here is where I finished last night lol. The ones on the left have piecing to do and the ones on the right are ready for the batting. As usual I do too much at once. 

Saturday I went to my reunion. I got there a bit early so I drove around the park. It was at Micke's Grove. They have a little zoo there and they used to have a little amusement park. They took out all the little rides and it is sad and abandoned looking now. It was so much fun when I was a kid. 

I didn't take any pictures at my reunion. It got dark real quick and my friends didn't seem to want to take any pictures so I didn't push it. I mostly just talked to my 2 friends but we did catch up with a few others that would stop by and chat. There was hardly anyone there really and a big chunk of the people were girls that were on the drill team. People I never talked to haha. So that was nice but I would have been ok with just going to lunch or dinner with my girlfriends. In another 10 years they'll probably combine us with other classes and we'll meet at the senior center ;)

While I was doing that my mom was having all the grand kids over for her indoor camping night. OMG my mom is so extra but I kind of love when she does this stuff. She sent me pictures so I figured I'd share ;) 

Jess took Daniel and Lilly but went home after dinner. 

Here is my mom with the littles (missing 3 of the older grandkids).

This cat is so lucky it picked my mom's house to show up at. 

Hot dogs and beans! Jess said he actually liked the beans so that is shocking. (She hates beans)

Looks like she had a teepee for each kid with a theme bedding and stuffies. 

stories around the campfire?

Sleeping under the stars haha

She said she had to take one kid home since he coughed so much he barfed at 1:30am (he went to the doctor and they said it was from all the smoke from the fires). Before that she said the two boys were fighting for the first couple hours and she questioned her life choices but they had finally stopped haha. 

No big plans for today besides work and sewing later. I have darts on Thursday this week and I took Friday off for Scott's dentist appointment. That's all the plans for this week. This is my last weekend to get stuff sewn up for the Lodi Street Faire so I need to get this Disney stuff done and make up a few sports team keychains and bags too. Why do I always make myself rush to finish stuff haha. 

I ordered a big rack with pegs to try putting my cup cozies on. I think it is supposed to come today. I am going to try it out and see if it will work. I might get a 2nd one for keychains too depending on how far spaced the pegs are. Hopefully it will work for both things! I am thinking I'll put coasters on it too. I will have to put little hang tag things on all the packages and I got those yesterday. Might have to get some kids to help me out ;) I'm really hoping this works well since it will free up table space and I think it will look nice and be organized. 

I got a picture of the new baby with my sister in law but I'm probably not supposed to share it so I won't. My mom said that they were maybe going to get her yesterday or today but I haven't heard that they have yet so I don't think it has happened. I need to get the stuff I bought over to them soon.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! Today is my 30th high school reunion. I'm getting old I tell ya! Hopefully other people are fat like me this round haha.  Yesterday after work I went on a quest for a real bra. This pandemic has killed my desire to wear anything restricting. I ended up just going to Wal Mart first because usually I end up there after I can't find what I want everywhere else. I figured I'd start cheap and move up haha. Anyhow I actually found 3 bras that worked but I'm sure I'll hate them after wearing them for a few hours. We shall see. I got 2 pairs of jeans, one of which rang up at $1 so If I decide I hate them later they can become some cheap fabric for a craft ;)

After Wal Mart I tried to go to the mall but it was 7:47 and it now closes at 8. I will be surprised if our city mall is still around in 5 years. I wanted to go into Carters and see if they had some preemie clothes. My brother Joe and his wife might be taking in a new baby! Her sister who was estranged due to drug use apparently had a baby but then just abandoned her at the hospital. Sad for everyone involved. The sister was such a fun person before she went down this path. I can only imagine how painful it must have been to desert her baby. The baby weighed 4 pounds when she was born so just a tiny little thing. They just found out and someone was going to go do a home inspection last night so I imagine the baby will be there shortly. 

Anyhow, no preemie clothes. Nothing at Wal Mart or Target. I did however pick up these amazing little booties for my Lilly. Gah so cute. I got some outfits for the new baby to drop off and some preemie diapers, a bunch of bows for Lilly and a Buzz Light year & Woody pj's for Daniel. That was fun. Oh and I bought myself another new bedspread since the last one ended up at Jessica's house. Now that I might want to sleep with something besides a sheet I don't really want to put the old ratty one back on the bed. 

I finished all the Princess bags yesterday, this is a sample of the different prints. Tinkerbell, Tangled, Snow White, Sleeping beauty all done. 

Now to finish the keychains. They won't take long to finish from this point. My goal for today.

Scott came out last night to see some friends at the bar and I went over there. He came back and ended up spending the night. It feels like we are kids and he has to sneak back to his mom's house haha. I asked if anything exciting happened while he was gone and he said no so that is good. 

Ok off to finish up these keychains!


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Friday, September 16, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! 
Yesterday I almost got all the princess bags done! I had to stop to get ready to go to my mom's though. I will definitely get them done today.

I took my mom her raccoon picture that she had up at the cabin. It looks cute on her fireplace at her house. She's having a grandkids camp out in the living room tomorrow so she's decorating full tilt. 

Her bunny she rescued from my brother's house

And the ornery cat. He's so funny he wants a bunch of attention but then he'll get all crazy so you have to pay attention if you don't want him to attack you. 

We tried to go to a fun restaurant my mom had been to but it was closed. The place closes at 3. I don't know how any business can stay a live doing that with the prices of leases and such around here. 

We ended up going to Moo Moo's burgers which was good but this morning my stomach says the onion rings were not a good idea. I hung out at my mom's until after 10 then had to drive home (like 45 minutes) so that was a late night out for me. 

This morning I had to actually put a blanket on my bed. The weather is finally changing. TG since we were going to have to get second jobs to pay for the PG&E bill. 

Today after work I want to go shop for a new real bra since I only have sports bras and I have my 30 year reunion tomorrow. Probably a pair of shoes too. We'll see. Hopefully I can find something! 

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