Friday, September 16, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! 
Yesterday I almost got all the princess bags done! I had to stop to get ready to go to my mom's though. I will definitely get them done today.

I took my mom her raccoon picture that she had up at the cabin. It looks cute on her fireplace at her house. She's having a grandkids camp out in the living room tomorrow so she's decorating full tilt. 

Her bunny she rescued from my brother's house

And the ornery cat. He's so funny he wants a bunch of attention but then he'll get all crazy so you have to pay attention if you don't want him to attack you. 

We tried to go to a fun restaurant my mom had been to but it was closed. The place closes at 3. I don't know how any business can stay a live doing that with the prices of leases and such around here. 

We ended up going to Moo Moo's burgers which was good but this morning my stomach says the onion rings were not a good idea. I hung out at my mom's until after 10 then had to drive home (like 45 minutes) so that was a late night out for me. 

This morning I had to actually put a blanket on my bed. The weather is finally changing. TG since we were going to have to get second jobs to pay for the PG&E bill. 

Today after work I want to go shop for a new real bra since I only have sports bras and I have my 30 year reunion tomorrow. Probably a pair of shoes too. We'll see. Hopefully I can find something! 

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