Sunday, September 25, 2022


Good morning! A miracle happened this morning. There was NO PEE ON THE FLOOR. It's amazing! Finally. Probably due to having the water bowel picked up all day so Daniel wouldn't play in it, but I'll take it haha.

Here is my plan for today. Just need to sew around the edges and get these done! I need to hurry up and get in there and get going.

Trevor cleaned his room yesterday evening so I got up to all the dishes we own on the counter needing to be washed. I got one load done so far.

My other rack came yesterday and Trevor put it together for me. I had Scott tighten up the bottoms so hopefully they won't lean too much now. Daniel had fun spinning them around. I got all the coasters and mug rugs priced yesterday and put into one box too. 

The little guy finally crashed out after playing for a couple hours and he took a pretty good nap. Rusty relocated to be next to me when I went in my sewing room but they were cute there together. 

I need to eat something for breakfast and then get busy!


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