Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Hello! Happy Dart's Tuesday! I feel like I've been so busy doing nothing. 
I just finished figuring out my state sales tax for my side hustle. That took me way too long. Every year I tell myself I'm going to keep better track but I never do. Procrastinators UNITE! Now I have until April to figure out my outgoing money lol.

Sunday I ended up babysitting early. Jessica's boss offered her a cash bonus to come in early. I told her give me an hour and that's how long it took me to get things kid proof and cleaned up. 

The kids were good until the last couple hours when miss Lilly just likes to scream. Big Daniel picked them up at 8 and then I went to bed lol. 

Monday I spent the work day catching up on everything I didn't do while I was at the training I was done by 3. 4 days I missed. This morning I had a few things trickle in but not too much. 

I took my friend Cassi out to dinner last night. She is moving to Oregon soon and has started taking hers stuff up there and is working on a job. She bought a trailer and has it at a friend's house to live in. Her mom still lives here for now. I don't think my kids want to buy the house so probably going to scrap that idea. Trevor might but he needs to have a job besides playing video games for free to become a member of the club. He'd need that to live in the house.

Anyhow, we went to El Jardin and got the steak fajitas for two. We went to the little bar after we got home and closed it down at 8pm lol. One drink and some talking. I was wide awake from midnight to almost 3am this morning so that was fun. 

Back to my work training!
Day 2/3 in Davis. I got up and hit the free breakfast again. Sadly it was the same lol. 

Someone said this is a sign I have ADD. Hmm. 

For lunch we walked down to Zia's.  Hmmm what do we choose? Ack! I decided on the meatball sandwich and bought a box of cookies. 


It's a good thing we went to lunch early because the crew wanted to go to Sushi again for dinner. This time we went to Mikuni Sushi.  Pretty much everyone got an appetizer to share and then most of us got a roll for our entre. Sadly everyone didn't want to just share the rolls lol. 

I can't remember what I got but it was good. Just roll me home I kept saying.

When we got back to the hotel it was only 7pm and everyone was like "goodnight!" Definitely a different training group than I'm used to on these trips. I was like I'm going to die of boredom. So I went to Rite Aid and browsed the aisles. I came back with a puzzle and snacks. Only ate some of the ice cream and then realized my fridge did not contain a freezer section. Good thing I didn't get a bigger one since I had to toss it. 

I stayed up til 12:30am and did the whole puzzle. Kind of amazed myself haha. I realized the reason I like puzzles, it's all about sorting and my brain loves to sort. I slept much better since I cut out like 4 hours of sleeping time ;)

While I was at the training some idiot drove around the barriers for our broken road and drove into it! How stupid! We just had another person do it this week too. How embarrassing but they deserve it for going around huge concrete barriers that say ROAD CLOSED 500 times. 

I hope I do good at darts tonight. I was sad to miss it last week!


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Saturday, January 28, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! I'm still alive! I took my personal lap top with me on my trip but the charger decided to stay on my kitchen table so no blogging or working on my sales tax stuff I needed to work on. That was a bummer.

Tuesday we got to the Davis office and didn't do a whole lot of work type stuff. We "started' at 12:30 and went til about 4:30 since we got done early. 

For dinner a group of us which included a 72 year old woman (please God don't make me have to work for the man when I'm 72) went to dinner. We tried to go to this nice sushi place. 

We called ahead and then had to wait outside forever. Finally got in and unlike online they did not have any sushi rolls and were mostly only super expensive sashimi. So we left. Walked down a couple blocks and ended up at this place called Froggy's but the menu said Tommy J's Grill In Catering so not sure which one was right. We were all starving by that point so it was great haha. 

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Davis. My only complaint about this hotel is that I woke up to what sounded like a herd of elephants running across the floor of the room above me at night and in the morning. Holy cow! The ceiling was making crackling noises. Scared the crap out of me at first. I'd probably ask if they have anything on the top floor or with no one above me next time.  (I was on the 2nd floor)

Free breakfast in the morning! It was pretty much the same thing every day so that got boring quick. They had a thing to make pancakes on but I never had enough time for that. 

Side of hairy feet if you want. So gross. At least put socks on. 

I'll add more food places later so this isn't all food haha. Yesterday when we were done at 12 I hit a bunch of thrift stores in the Sacramento area. I went to this one that was a Goodwill Superstore and OMG look all these sewing machine needles I found! I will keep some of the ones I use and sell the rest. Last night I went through and separated them out by brand. I researched one brand last night and just a few of them will be almost $100 if they sell for what I think they will.  SCORE! 

I was telling my mom it's like the Gods are telling me if I hate my job enough I can still make an income doing other things lol. 

Today's plan is to get Trevor to put  all his room shit he took out into the living room back into his room. So not happy about that. I knew he had a plan to take everything out and clean his room but he knew when I was coming home and he needs to get it put away. 

Jess asked Scott if he could work on fixing some doors at her house. My mom had put in pocket doors and they are falling apart. I hate pocket doors. My mom has a love affair with them. We had put 2 in when we first work on our house and had to take them out since they were constantly falling off the tracks. They just aren't a good idea in high traffic areas. So we'll see how that goes. I don't really want to go anywhere today. I've had enough socializing to last me awhile. 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I am mostly packed to leave for my work trip. Just need to take my stuff out to the car and gather any crafty stuff to take with me. I can't think of anything to work on though so might not take anything. I know so weird.

Yesterday I worked on the left over scraps from the purple quilt top. I made one scrappy zip bag. 

Everything else was kind of small so I decided to make more of the I Found A Quilted Heart hearts. Now to remember to actually put them in my purse so I take them along with me. 

After that I pulled out this fabric my friend Cassi bought forever ago. She wanted me to make her a bag but I wasn't feeling it. Finally made it up and OMG it's gorgeous! She asked if I'd make her a make up bag to go with it so that will be next when I get home.

I didn't want to start anything else last night and I just had anxiety about everything so I went to bed at like 8 lol. I've been awake since 5 but didn't get up right away. I pulled out my suit case to pack and SURPRISE!

Apparently Lucy has been sleeping on it for awhile. Which is weird since she's usually right next to me. I had to vacuum and tape roll it and it looks much better.

Wish me luck today. I don't know why I have anxiety about the whole thing. I shouldn't lol.

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Monday, January 23, 2023


Good morning happy stupid Monday. I hate Mondays lol. We should have 3 day weekends every weekend. I already felt stupid trying to do some online thing for work. It's like here's a screen shot with all these notes that didn't actually do anything but make me more confused on what I was actually doing. Not looking forward to 4 days of "training" and feeling dumb in a group setting. Although it looks like most of it is stuff I know how to do so hopefully feeling dumb is minimal.

Trevor seems to be feeling better this morning. Fever has gone down to a low grade one. So weird. He doesn't have any other symptoms other than his head hurting, which of course it does when you have a fever. I'm like am I next? What do I do if I get sick when it's time to go to a 4 day training? What if I get sick while I'm there. Anxiety. Sigh.

I spent all day yesterday working on this bag and a 2nd one. They are pretty easy other than the corners where the main part meets the side part at the beginning of the strap if that makes sense. Probably would be easier if I didn't have a few extra seams from using the pieced fabric. The pattern is from this site.  The directions are not new sewer friendly at all but luckily I could figure it out ;)

My friend Cassi wants this one which is the first one I made

and then I made this one. I added a pocket inside. The pattern has an optional pocket on the outside of the bag but it is too small for a phone so I didn't bother with it.

When I make another one I think I will topstitch around the body part. That would look nice.

My next project is to make some smaller bags out of the scraps. Hey I got a whole big bag of stuff out of my large desk. That's pretty nice.

I need to figure out what to take with me this week. I have taken my sewing machine more than once on a work thing. Although last time I didn't use it. One time I worked in Petaluma for a week and made a ton of Christmas wine totes. That was different though since I was just helping an office and didn't have the after work socializing that comes with trainings. 

I think I get overstimulated by people much quicker now then I did pre Covid. Probably not the only one that is like that I'm sure. I was telling Scott I don't know the last time I actually had to wear real clothes 4 days in a row was lol. 

We start at 12:30 tomorrow so I'll probably leave my house around 10. That should be enough time to get there, park and figure out where to go.

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Sunday, January 22, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! 

This popped up in my FB memories from 10 years ago. Scott's parents would have been married 75 years today. He's been gone for what seems like forever now and she is not this person anymore. Sad :( Wish we didn't have to grow old and lose our minds.


Yesterday I FINALLY went to the grocery store with Scott and Trevor in tow. I didn't make a list since I'll be gone all week and kept telling Trevor to get food for himself. I did got a few things to take with me on my work trip. I leave on Tuesday and come back Friday night. Boooo. Usually I would be all excited about going somewhere but 4 days of being retrained on how to do my job doesn't sound like any fun. At least I know some people to hang out with a bit but we'll see how much that actually happens.  I'm such a Negative Nancy about the whole shabang! 

Before we went shopping we went to lunch at BJ's. Haven't been there in forever. It was good but my boys both order a full slab of ribs lol. They both ate everything on the plate too. That's what happens when you have giants in your family I guess! I got a nice burger but I got it medium well and that was a mistake. Should have just got it medium. This is the first meal since last Monday that I didn't get sick right after. I think I might have had a little bug or an IBS flare up or something. So weird. Glad that is done for now. I'll be eating out a lot this week so bought myself a bottle of Pepto to take with me. Stupid stomach always giving me grief.

We picked up these premade calzones at the grocery store for dinner (I wasn't really even that hungry but had a bit at around 8pm) and they were really good. I'll have to get them again. They were only $6.98 each (got 2 so the giants would have enough ;))

I started working on a new bag. I got it all cut out and sewed the "gusset" on and then realized I didn't have it centered and one side was shorter than the other so have to pick it all back out. I got one side undone but still have to do the other. My friend Cassi wanted to go to the bar to hang out so I went to hang out with her for a bit and was home by 10. I was so tired but my comforter was in the washing machine so I went out and threw it in the dryer and set my alarm. I woke up to it an hour later, ran out and grabbed it and went back to bed.

Well Trevor just woke up with 102 fever. Might not be babysitting today after all. Great. He hasn't even been anywhere to get sick. I heard him coughing a little bit this morning. Guess we'll Covid test him when he gets up. 

Tina made this big mess when I went to work on Thursday. I swear she punishes me when I'm gone lol. At least it wasn't too hard to clean up.

Tubby was snuggling my baby blanket yesterday. So cute. 

Well today has had a whole turn of events just while I was typing this. Such is life I guess!


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Friday, January 20, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Never got around to blogging yesterday since I actually went into the office for the first time in forever. 

I had to go out the emergency exit which is a tad bit sketch but I made it. I drove through an area that is flooded out into the usual over flow areas but not into the road so that was good. The poor little park that is by the river on my way is almost all underwater again. So much for nice grass.

I had 4 online meetings yesterday which is just ridiculous. First one with everyone that has my job in the area and our boss. Then one from one of the offices I help and their other department that I've been told I don't have to deal with anymore but it was kind of good to be there since it does affect me a bit. Then a TWO HOUR long meeting with blah blah blah I don't even know what you're talking about with everyone in California. Jesus they need to keep us out of those and just include us on little parts. I zoned out after the first 5 minutes since I didn't know what they were talking about. THEN another office meeting. F&ck me that was too many meetings for one day my brain was fried. Thank God I don't have any meetings today. 

After work I just went and picked up Popeye's per Trevor's request for dinner. I came home and redid my hair and make up and then went to darts. I won one game and got a low ton (score 119) so that was cool since at the end we get paid for those lol. I hung out til about 10. 

That was two days in a row down in the kitchen. Wednesday I went to bingo for the first time in forever. I won two special games at $10 each but had to share one with someone else who won so got $15. They raised the prices of the games a bit so more people come again and you can actually win something worth it. 


Sorry not sorry this is hilarious

Sun setting when I got home last night. The field is so muddy but the sky is pretty lol.

Today's big plan is laundry and grocery shopping. I need to make a grocery list but I won't even be here most of next week. I need to get some more make up too everything is empty at the same time. Might push it off til tomorrow since I don't want to go anywhere but we have no food so maybe not lol. The fun part of living in the country, everything is more effort.

No plans for the weekend except probably babysitting on Sunday!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Hello happy Wednesday! Here was our excitement yesterday!

You can see where I live from above. They start off here on our man made lakes and then move on to the mess.

Jessica was told she should evacuate but decided not to after checking things out. The bigger lakes were not filling up all that fast so there was still plenty of time to leave if needed. 

I went out and found a cat carrier to shove 3 fat cats in if needed (where did my other 2 go? I know Jess has 1..) and packed an emergency bag and important papers in the car. Told Trevor to do the same. 

Trevor and I went for a walk around 4 to go check things out and the helicopter was flying around. I told Trevor that is probably news and sure enough it was. 

Some of these are just photos I saved from other places/people.

So this is where we get our water for our lakes from. They are closing off the hole that happened so I'm wondering how we will get water for our lakes after this fiasco is over. Probably not good for us in the long run.

The "retention pond" which usually doesn't have all that much water in it across the street from us

Big hole! The new news video has 1/2 the road gone now

This part of the road is gone now 

Under the road on our side 

Filling up the lake there and then it has a flow thing to go into the bigger lake which is what you see in the helicopter video in the beginning 

Trevor and I checking it out. They had started putting rock in at this point

On our 3rd lake they are pumping the lake water back into the river (seems dumb but probably makes people feel better). See there is a several feet before this lake would be full. 

Back side of the club house, water is higher than normal but not all that bad

I think they are still working on plugging the hole up. We can go out our main entrance but the way to town has a lot of roads closed due to flooding so it's pretty much better to head towards Manteca or Tracy by using the emergency exits we have. Crazy times! 

After we got back from our walk I laid on my bed and ended up falling asleep. Jess and Daniel still went to the party but took the kids to his Dad's house since it wasn't in the club. Just in case and all that. 

Meanwhile the river is still news. I told my friend in Texas maybe I'll head her way ;)

River Forecast as of 8:30 AM 1/18/2023
7:00 AM STAGE: 25.1 FT

So today's plans. Don't die. haha Do some laundry and maybe work on that purple quilt thing some more. I printed out a pattern of a new bag to try and got it taped together but that was as far as I got before chaos was happening. 

I had to laugh yesterday the neighbor was out mowing his grass. I was like the last thing I'm worried about is mowing my yard, not going to matter if it is all under water. Luckily we are one of the highest points of the club so we are less likely to flood. 

Ok guess I'll do some work now. I logged off in the middle of a meeting yesterday while I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on. 
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Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I have a day full of online meetings today.  Joy!

Yesterday we went to lunch with Melissa and Eric at Black Bear Diner. I got a club sandwich and fries which instantly made me sick. Stupid stomach what the heck.

After lunch Trevor and I went to Home Depot and got a few things. I found some good child locks for my cabinets, we got a new door knob for the bathroom door and a new one for the garage. Trevor fixed the bathroom door and I'm leaving the garage one for Scott to fix up next weekend. I almost got stuck out in the garage one day not that long ago lol. Couldn't get the damn door open.

After that we went to the thrift store. I found a Creative Memories scrapbook for $2. This is the color I used for Trevor too. I plan on getting back to scrapbooking very soon. I think I might start from 2022 and then go backwards. Although I would like to get the kids finished up through high school graduation. I had done all Jessica's but didn't finish Melissa or Trevors. Might have to do some searching for pictures too since everything went digital. 

Next we went to Big 5. He was having fun looking around but that store is only so big so I went and sat in the car while he finished up. He got a new fishing license. When I came out of the store I noticed that the paint is coming off the hood of my car. WTF. It doesn't even have 100k on it and is only 6 years old. Need to find out if there is any kind of warranty on that. 

For the rest of the night I worked on my old baby blanket. My Grandma Pecka made this for me. It is pretty heavy so makes a great blanket for kids to play on the floor. It is super soft too. I think I remember her saying she liked to use crib mattress pads or something like that for the batting. All the edges were coming apart and the inside was poking out. 

Originally I was thinking maybe I'd use some fabric to make a binding but the fabric is really worn and new fabric wouldn't be. I remembered I had some quilt binding and look at that I had 2 packs of this stuff and it matched great. 

Not perfect but way better than it was. Hard to believe this thing is almost 50 years old. 

When I was looking for the denim quilt thing I came across this small quilted piece I made. I think I will do something with this next. There isn't enough for a quilt so I think I'll make another bag with it. I only made it two years ago. Time sure flies right?

I'm going to watch the little ones tonight while their parents go to a work party. Jess said the party is 6-10. Probably watch them at my house since that is easier for me. So that means running the vacuum and such later. One way to keep my house cleaned up!

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