Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oooo is that an Almond Joy?!?!

Well we did the pumpkin patch (probably for the last time)

The school parade (6 more to go!)

Melissa had a party at my mom's.

Carved some pumpkins.

Jess went to a party

Tonight we went Trick Or Treating.

Melissa went with her 3 friends. I remember going with my friends like that and it was so much fun. They seemed to have a good time!


I think this was Jessica's last year to go out. She was feeling uncomfortable going up to the houses (which hello, she's a Junior, I think I stopped in 8th grade lol). She only went up to one with Trevor when she was with us, then she saw some people she knew and went with them. She said she only went to a  few houses and then went to the neighbor's house and hung out and watched a movie.  Sad that it's her last!

We only had Trevor with us for a little bit (so sad my nephew wasn't here with us now that they have moved). My friend called me and they were walking around with her son and niece so we met up with them and walked for quite a bit.  Trevor has half a pillow case full of candy so I think you could say he got plenty of candy!!

Another holiday for 2010 done! Now it's a fast slide into Thanksgiving (I'm so not cooking this year!), Christmas and New Years. Time flies so fast when you get old!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh I'm not going to sew it...

When I was in Wal Mart the other day to buy some tuelle to make Jessica's tu-tu for her costume I was reminded of my days of working in the fabric store. The fabric store was my first job and my "go to" job when I was in need of one a few times. I have some pretty good memories of working in the fabric store. Ones you'd probably have to be a fabric lover to understand. The way the fabric feels when you run your hand over it. The smell of fabric. The thrill of unwrapping a new bolt. The thoughts of WHAT you can do with all that fabric on the roll. Not to mention the sales with an employee discount on top. WOOT!

But anyways, a bit off track. While we were in Wal Mart and waiting for the poor gal that was working the photo area AND the fabric section to come over and cut the tuelle for us I was measuring it out to see how much I wanted. Jessica was saying how I should work at the fabric store again. Sadly they don't pay squat, have to work holidays, nights and weekends so that's a BIG step down from my semi-cushy government (outsourced) job. A lady that had been standing there trying to decide what she was doing overheard the conversation and asked me how much fabric I thought she'd need to wrap around the waist of her son.

"He's about my size" she says

And the memories flood back of EVERY halloween time that I worked. The poor moms coming in with these grand ideas of halloween costumes. Moms with patterns, moms without patterns. Mom's who could sew, and mostly mom's who could not!

We sold a lot of that iron on fusing tape. I often wondered how those kid's costumes held up. Did they make it through the class party? Did the the costume ever even get FINISHED? Did she break out the stapler?

I used to make all my oldest daughter's costumes. Until I got too busy and realized that the store bought costumes were costing a lot less money then the ones I was making. Not to mention TIME. Of course, they don't last as long either, (Melissa's strap already broke off hers!) but hey what's a working mom to do?

Anyhow, I had to pull out the machine to make Jessica's little tu-tu. Here's a picture of her semi-homemade costume she wore to her party tonight.

When I dropped her off there was a girl outside in a sexy cave girl type outfit. I think the homemade fairy look is just fine :)Pin It

Friday, October 29, 2010


Well it's been a spooktacular day. I worked until lunch time then came home for about half an hour. Half an hour with no one else here, ahhh bliss! Then it was off to the school for the kid's annual Halloween Parade in the cafeteria. Here's the kids sitting with their classes.

Melissa's graduated to the big kid seats

up on the stage with the mamarazzi

 Talking a walk around the gym getting some treats

 Melissa's turn

 I can't believe how grown up she is now

Then afterwards we went over to my mom's little house to help get ready for the Halloween Party she was throwing for Melissa and her friends.

Isn't my mom's place cute? It didn't look anything like that when she bought it.

My aunt came by with some cute cupcakes she made.

 And here's Melissa and her friends at her party

 There's 4 girls staying the night, hope they behave, mom has a big wooden spoon ;)

Do you have any fun Halloween plans? I think my mom's a saint to throw a party for a grandkid!

Check out the 2009 Parade
Lots of Halloween Funnies here and here
And way back to the 2008 ParadePin It

Is it over yet?

Yesterday I was sad to find out that there are NOT only 3 more practices for football. Apparently there is some tournament thing that they play in at the end of NEXT MONTH. Hmmm do we really have to participate?

At the practice yesterday they had the offense split up into the 2 sides and practicing against eachother. Trevor was thrown to the ground over and over and over again. The kids he was up against were having a great time with it and would get in an extra jab or two after the whistle was blown.

I could see that he was crying when he was laying on the ground (every single play). I just wanted to go over there and grab those kids by the face mask and throw THEM to the ground. And maybe jump on them for good measure.

I'm pretty sure we have come to the conclusion that football? Is not his sport. There are two more games, this Saturday and next Saturday. I think we might be done after that. We can say we gave it our all and didn't quit right?

To top it all off  I got an email this morning saying that the coach has  signed the kids up for ANOTHER tournament, but to participate the kids will have to pay $50-$100. Can we get a collective HELL NO??Pin It

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's whiskey:30

So I'm sitting here pouting because my husband was grouchy and I asked him "WHY" he was being grouchy and he told me I was "making him that way". Ok I'll make sure and not comment on how weird that music is on that tv show you are watching EVER again...Didn't know that that was so annoying that he had to lash out at me. Nice.

In other news we FINALLY got to the store today to pick up some halloween costumes. Trevor didn't have to go with us since he decided to be a dead baseball player. Which is awesome since all I had to buy was some make up so his sister can make him "dead". Melissa picked out a sexy pirate that will become unsexy when she puts a shirt and pants under it. Jessica wants to be a fairy so she picked out some pretty wings and we ended up going over to Wal Mart and getting some netting to make a tu-tu. It only took about 15 minutes to get it cut since the poor woman that was working by herself in the photo department was also the one they were having cut fabric. Can you imagine having that stress? After we got home I spent about an hour sewing the netting into a tu-tu. Then it was too big so I got to take part of it apart so we could tighten up the elastic. After it was fitting better I handed it over and she took the scissors to it and made it nice and short and crooked. I'm trying not to care..

At work today the little boss girl asked me to help her out a little bit. Helping her out was more like me doing most of the work while she A. went to the bathroom, B. went back in to get some stakes, C. went back in to get MORE stakes. By the time she was done screwing around I had put almost all the little boxes on the plants (about 80). My butt was butter and I was ready to go home!! (We were putting those orange juice boxes on them to try to deter the rabbits from eating them. After all that work the gophers and rabbits have stole about 5 plants)

When I got home I layed down for 2.1 seconds before it was time to get back up and go pick up Jessica. After I got back I just stayed outside working in the yard a bit. I moved a bush that I've wanted to move for quite some time, did some weeding and then ended up in the back yard at the vegetable garden pulling out burmuda grass and about 100 little strawberry plants. I can't believe how much those spread! They look really nice but I only got ONE strawberry. I need to read up some more on them but I'm thinking the main reason was that they weren't getting enough sun with those big stalks of corn planted on the other side. I'm still trying to decide if I am keeping some in the ground or taking them all out. Have you ever grown strawberries?

Well tomorrow they are supposed to come replace my windshield while I'm at work. Let's hope that I don't get a new rock chip on the way home!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow That Got My Attention!

They've been working on the road that I take to and from work for a bit now. They started by tearing it up, then slightly patching it, and finished by putting a layer of tar and gravel down. This isn't just a little side road but almost like a small highway. LOTS of traffic and trucks with not too many stops. I've been picking up rock chips every since they put the gravel down. Last week I got 2 lines travelling across the windshield from the top down.


OMFG!! Just driving a long with a truck in front of me so I slow down a bit since it's kicking up a few little rocks when


A rock hits my windshield like a freaking baseball and little tiny pieces of glass fly all over me. After I got over the initial shock I pulled over and took a picture to show Scott.

Notice the little glass shards all over? I had to get out and shake my shirt out a bit and brush my pants off. I took the tape roller I had in the car to pick up some of the bigger pieces. I still need to go out and clean the rest off.

Guess it's time to start taking the longer route to work :( And get a new windshield.. TG I have full coverage!Pin It

Sunday, October 24, 2010

40 days and 40 nights for a 40th Birthday? Where's the Ark?

So you all know (if you read here which I am assuming you do since you are reading this now) that I was throwing Scott a 40th Birthday Party Saturday.

I started checking the weather well over a week in advance and was getting rather concerned that it was saying it was going to RAIN on the party day. I went ahead with cleaning up the yard hoping that the weather report would be wrong and or change before the party.

Eventually I realized that probably wasn't going to happen and put out a 911 on Facebook for some EZ Up tent things. Someone actually had 2 that they let me borrow, which was awesome. We decided to leave the garage door up and put the tents in front of the garage so we'd have a bit of a run outside where people could sit and hang out and not get wet.  Which was good in theory but the garage leaks a bit (he still has to put the shingles on it) and  the water of course would run down between the tents. Fuckers. Oh well it all worked out!
So here's a few pictures from the party.
Nothing says party like sitting in the rain with an umbrella.
That's my mom, she always comes prepared.
(Hey we should have just sat in the boat!)

Scott BBQ'ing in the rain. nothing says class like a tarp on the roof.

Funny story. When I went to Costco to order a cake the other day I had Melissa with me. I was debating on which one to get and she really really thought we should get the over the hill cake. So we did. Trevor had a game on Saturday so I had Scott go pick up his cake before he came home. He came in the house with the cake telling me he was SO getting me back for that haha.
AND the girls got one pack of the trick candles for his cake, which he figured out even before trying to blow them out because they SPARKED which scared the crap out of me!

Some nice people gave him presents! When ever someone would ask me what he wanted for his birthday I'd of course tell them they didn't need to get him a present. If they kept insisting I'd tell them he likes Tequila! Look he got one bottle lol.

 My mom took a ton of pictures with her camera. I was going to download them real quick before she left but I think she snuck out. Or I was kind of drunk and didn't notice when she left. One of those. After everyone left we went down to the bar a bit. Had a few drinks, did some dancing and came home so he could get his birthday present :wink: wink: I woke up at 5:30 am and got up to go to the bathroom and realized I never took my contacts out! Woops.

Kind of a funny thing, at the party.
I found out that my step mom who doesn't even have a profile picture on her Facebook reads my updates daily.


My neighbor thinks my Facebook updates are hilarious. I'm glad someone thinks I'm funny :)
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Friday, October 22, 2010

It's almost party time, you know what that means..

Oh man peeps. I'm tired!! But I'm wired. I've been cleaning and mowing and scrubbing and dusting and raking and washing. Pretty sure I'm done for the night now. Oh wait I see a cobweb... ok back. At this rate I'm going to have everything done by tomorrow night. Woohooooo.  I only have one little area left outside to clean up and it's not even too bad, (and the bathroom and my room in the house). Although I do still need to go to the store and get all the food. Not to mention the kids MIGHT want to actually have something to eat around here. 
picture source
I was really bad today. I drank a diet soda. I was really bad yesterday too. I drank a diet soda. I've been craving them really bad. I stopped drinking them quite awhile ago "unless they had alcohol in them". Well I've pretty much had a few drinks every weekend so durning the week I'm having withdrawls. It sucks. I do have to say that today I had SO much energy after work. I don't know if it's from the diet soda or not but I'm guessing. So I suck. Hey pass me a diet coke will ya?
picture source
We skipped football practice today. Amazingly the man didn't get all po'd when I told him we weren't going. I think he's finally getting it that it doesn't matter if we go to all the practices, they still aren't going to put him in to play more. Bastards. Not that the kid cares.
picture source

While we were skipping practice I was outside giving my huge geranium a very bad haircut. I hope she forgives me. She looks just awful!

So the weather station isn't being very kind. It keeps saying RAIN for Saturday. Apparently they don't care that I have about 50 people coming over.

Oh and did I mention on here that they gravelled all the roads I take to work? Today? I have a nice crack travelling down my windshield. LOVELY. I will have to get it replaced before Jessica takes her driver's test in December. Kiss that $100 goodbye. Thank God for insurance!
picture source
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another day in paradise

So after a few hours today I finally went out to help with the hedgerow aka pollinator project. When I went out there I was hoping they were planting. No such luck. They were measuring, and marking and digging and raking. Look what I ended up doing...

Hmmm don't remember that being on my "job description". I'm only smiling because I'm wearing my favorite scrapbooking shirt. I was scrapbooking this picture in my mind haha.

Have you ever seen such a giant tumbleweed? I've seen them that big only on the freeway when I thought for sure I was going to die if I ran it over. and then it got stuck. under my car. that was embarrassing!

Anyhow. I forked some tumbleweeds into a horse trailer until that was full (still had plenty of tumbleweeds). Then carried a tape measure around to mark spots. Then hey, what's this? It's time for lunch!

After lunch I hid for a bit and then eventually someone sent me a text that "hey, we are REALLY planting plants now!" So I dragged my butt outside and planted about 10 and it was HOT. So I was really sad that it was almost time to go home.

That's not me, it's a co-worker.

I went home and immediately went to work outside, because HELLO I'm having a party on Saturday (please God don't let it rain!). I worked outside until it was time to get Trevor ready for football and my head was just pounding. Got him ready, took him to football and dropped him off and Melissa and I went to go get some stuff for the party. We went to the dollar store when my body decided that I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. I asked the cashier if I could use the restroom and she had to call out the manager to ask. The manager tells me that it's only for emergencies and I was like HELLO emergency 911, stop talking to me about it and let me use it or I have to leave like PRONTO. Seriously, I doubt I'd be asking to use the bathroom in the dollar store if it wasn't an emergency. (and really isn't anytime you have to go an emergency?) Thank God they let me use it, not sure if I would have made it to the Jack In The Box across the parking lot. TMI I know but that's what happens to me when I get overheated. Sucks.

It makes me wonder too, WHY do stores not have public restrooms anymore? I know why really, people steal, people vandalize. But people DO have to go to the bathroom and if you can't go in the middle of your shopping trip what are you supposed to do? Any mom with a potty training toddler has been faced with this delimma too. It's just not right in my opinion. If you want people to shop in your store you should allow them to use the restroom.

::off my soapbox::

So after we got done shopping we headed to Costco to order Scott a cake. I had visions of making cute cupcakes, but I have to be realistic. I'm not going to have time to make cupcakes. I still need to clean my ceiling fan blades not to mention take the pumice stone to the inside of the toilet (I know you are SO jealous and want to do those jobs for me). Melissa and I had a slice of pizza in the food area while I tried desperately to remember my password to Facebook on my cellphone. Damn kids always logging me out. After about the 100th time I got it and wrote it down lol.

Then we went to Wal Mart, which I hate but I wanted to get some white Christmas lights and I thought for sure they'd have some since they have Christmas stuff out already. The only ones they had were solar ones for $25 a box. Not quite sure how those would work. What if it was overcast all day? Not paying $25 a box anyways. Someone told me they have them at Target so I'll go by there tomorrow. (I want to put them in the trees on the side of the house for the party). They also didn't have any Chinet paper plates. What's up with that? I don't want to buy styrofoam plates or ones with flowers on them. Guess I'll hit up Target for those too!

While I was there I picked up some generic Excedrin. Twenty minutes later my headache was pretty much gone. That stuff rocks!! Keeping it in the car or my purse or something for when that happens to me again. Now I just have a slight shadow of a headache, nothing painful just a little cloudy if that makes sense.

I just got done making invites for Melissa's halloween party. My Mom is letting her have one at her house. Haha that should be fun! I'm going to the wine stroll while she entertains my kid and her friends :)

Isn't it awesome!?!

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 picture source

I'm hiding!!

I'm supposed to go out and help plant plants today
for the pollinator project at work.
Which sounds fun in theory but I didn't see any plants yet!
 One of my co-workers was out there with a hoe
working the ground when I drove in this morning.
Yeah, THAT sounds like fun.

I'm hoping she didn't see me.

Oh crap I just got spotted!!
I just whined I don't want to go out until the plants get here.
The spotter said "that's cool".
They should be here in about an hour.
I'm feeling a little sick coming on.
Might have to go home..
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40!! And Holy Crap, what was that??

Woot! I have 50 followers finally!
Only took almost 4 years :) I love you all!!

So today my man turned the big


Yeah baby! We're getting old.
Which means that we haven't killed ourselves or eachother yet so it's all good!! He took the day off, since we all know that if you go to work on your birthday it becomes the worst fucking birthday ever.


He got up early still and made lunches and took Jess to the bus stop and the little kids to school, so it was like "I" had the morning off. Awesome!!

Got to prison  work and put in my hours. Only had to change desks 3 times today. Maybe someday I'll have my own. It was a totally not exciting day if you don't count the cupcakes and the apple pie. And YES, hanging my heaed in shame I had them both!

After work I came home and kicked it for about an hour then we got ready and went out to dinner. Jessica drove, Scott in the passenger seat and me, in the back with the other 2 kids remember that, why yes, I do still get car sick. We got to Texas Road House in one piece and only had to wait 5 minutes. While we realized we knew the people in the pictures in the lobby area. That means you live in a small(ish) town you know?

We don't go to Texas Roadhouse very often. I admit I veto the idea most of the time.  The whole idea of the peanut shells on the floor,  totally grosses me out! I KNOW it's supposed to be fun. But it's gross. Gross. Gross.
I started off my dinner with a fishbowl margarita, which wasn't all that exciting but I did feel slightly foggy later so I'm thinking that was from that lol. Rolls, salad, a tiny steak and a loaded sweet potato (which I only ate a few bites) and stick a fork in me I'm done!! Everyone behaved (if you don't count Trevor flicking peanut shells off the seat and almost hitting the woman across from us in the foot!) and we were out the door and on our way just a short time later.

After dinner we stopped off at the grocery store because we are out of peanut butter and Melissa won't eat anything else for lunch. We let the girls run in and get it. We were sitting out in the car when we hear this weird crunching type noise. I look up and there is a car going over the little concrete island and it had just ran OVER a TREE!! Freaking crazy!!
So the car stops with the car on top of the tree and the woman driver (sheesh give us a bad name will ya?) hops out and the man gets in and drives the car forward into a parking spot. Not sure if she ruined anything on her car. I'm pretty sure the tree is done for!
We're having a big party on Saturday. I've invited a ton of people and now it "may" rain. If it does we are fucked because our house is about [ ] big and he still hasn't finished putting the roof on the garage (it has plywood but no shingles). So let's all do our anti-rain dance, ummm kay?
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being Happy With What I Have

Yesterday I went over to my baby brother's new house. I was going to go help him move but by the time I got there they were all exhuasted and done for the day. I did carry about 4 drawers upstairs though! Their new house is down the street and around the corner from my mom's house, and my other brother's. So I'm the only one not in the "neighborhood" in a nice big house. I'm trying not to be jealous but it's hard!

While I love my house it's small. REALLY small for a family with 3 kids. BUT I don't have a house payment, which is a huge motivator in not buying a big house. I'm not sure how I would even scrape out a house payment in the size of the ones they are making (and they got great deals on their houses)!

Other factors are that my husband hates the city they all live in. Neither of us work in that direction. Jessica is a Junior in High School, that would totally suck to have to move your senior year. All valid reasons to not want to move right?! I just need to be happy with my little house, it's not like I can't drive there and visit anytime I want right? It's not that far away.  But oh how nice it would be to have a 3 car garage, a bedroom for all the kids and THREE bathrooms. I wouldn't even have to share in the mornings!! Not to mention the pool in the backyard...
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Friday, October 15, 2010

drive pick up drive

6:45 am take Jess to bus stop
---- drive home
7:00 am. take Melissa and Trevor to bus stop
---- drive to work
2:30 pm drive home
3:20 pm pick up Trevor at bus stop
---- drive home
3:45 pm pick up Jessica at bus stop
---- drive by house throw her out keep going
4:00 pm be at school to pick up Melissa after band practice
---- drive home
5:20 pm drive to football practice
8:00 pm drive home

no wonder my car has so many miles on it and I'm freaking exhaustedPin It

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Last Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Tuesday I went with Trevor on his field trip to Del' Osso Farms in Lathrop.
We've went here just about every year with one kid or another.  
Last year it apparently killed my ass. (and he's wearing the same shirt I just noticed!).
The year before it was really fucking hot like this year
(and wow 8 comments that year, I think I'm losing more commenters than gaining lately!?!)

So let's start off with the huge tire pile.
Yep, same pile as the last 2 years.
But I didn't really worry about anyone falling off this time.

"Sure go climb the tires,
I'll wait over here in the shade"

OOOOoooo this year they are big enough for the BIG BIKES!!
Woohoo he's been waiting forever for these!

"Go ahead, go ride again honey!
 I'll just wait over here in the shade"

He started off saying he wasn't going to go in the petting zoo area.
Then we bought some feed,
went in and somehow he ended up in the petting area.
Did I mention he's petrified of the animals?
Probably from almost being killed by the goats for the last few years.

"ahhhhhhh get away!!!!"

"much better on this side of the fence"

This year they had something new.
A "Scarecrow Ride" where you went through the maze
on these bleacher type seats and saw all the scarecrows people,
usually kids like girl scout troops made. 

 One of my faves...

Can't forget the stick your head in the hole boards!

Then we went on another tram thing that went around the one area.
It wasn't narrated, they've exchanged the old farmer type guys
 for young teenager-early 20's guys.
So now they just drive and don't tell you that those silo things
are full of bats.
But I already know that anyways.

They added this last year for their winter thing,
it's a big huge snow slide
 (after the pumpkins die and they make fake snow/ice).
We didn't make it there last year but maybe this year.

And that concludes my last field trip to the pumpkin patch!!
2nd grade is the last year they go.
Oh so sad.
But not really!
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