Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it over yet?

Yesterday I was sad to find out that there are NOT only 3 more practices for football. Apparently there is some tournament thing that they play in at the end of NEXT MONTH. Hmmm do we really have to participate?

At the practice yesterday they had the offense split up into the 2 sides and practicing against eachother. Trevor was thrown to the ground over and over and over again. The kids he was up against were having a great time with it and would get in an extra jab or two after the whistle was blown.

I could see that he was crying when he was laying on the ground (every single play). I just wanted to go over there and grab those kids by the face mask and throw THEM to the ground. And maybe jump on them for good measure.

I'm pretty sure we have come to the conclusion that football? Is not his sport. There are two more games, this Saturday and next Saturday. I think we might be done after that. We can say we gave it our all and didn't quit right?

To top it all off  I got an email this morning saying that the coach has  signed the kids up for ANOTHER tournament, but to participate the kids will have to pay $50-$100. Can we get a collective HELL NO??Pin It


Ameena said...

I realize that girls come with a whole separate set of problems but I must say that for once I am glad I don't have a boy. I think it would kill me to watch my kid get trampled on by other kids!!

Anonymous said...

This team seems like a big PITA. I can't believe what they are putting 7 year olds thru!!


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