Sunday, May 29, 2016


Well between my slow internet and my computer that keeps "shutting down" in the middle of me doing something I'm going to attempt do do a blog post. Wish me luck haha.

So it's Memorial Day weekend. Ahhhh the weekend the parties start. The kids are out of school (thank God) although Melissa might be doing a summer school class. She doesn't have her license quiet yet and I can't really take her in the morning because it's the opposite way from my work and Scott doesn't want to drive her because he wants to ride his bike to work for the summer so who knows. Guess we'll figure it out before the 6th.

I spent the morning yesterday working out in the yard. Re-weeding the areas that I already had done but all this new grass popped up in and the front of the yard where the rocks are. All these stupid little puffy weeds keep coming up there so I got them out for now. Next to go back to working on getting the grass out of the middle of the other side. Pictures would probably be more helpful here!  I might have to go take some and come back ;)

I had to stop weeding so we could go to my friend's house. Her son is going into the Navy on Thursday. Her older son is already in the Navy and in Guam so this is her baby. All our kids are getting so old. Just the kids though, not us haha.

We sat outside for most of the time and it was so hot I had to go in and sit on the couch to get a break from the heat. Felt rather anti-social but it was that or go home. Eventually we went back outside and ended up staying until about 9, so that was a long day!

Today I have book club at 2. We read the book Am I The Killer? I liked the beginning part but then it just got kind of slow and boring. Too wordy! I ended up skimming to the important stuff. We'll see how everyone else liked it.

Last weekend our friend Allen gave us his Giant's tickets. He was sick so couldn't go. I've never been to that ball park before so that was fun! It's a lot smaller than the A's stadium, but really nice! The game went by super fast though. I think it took us longer to get there and get home than to watch the game.

My friend Heather was there with some other people that I have ran with before so we hung out after and met up with them for a comical walk back to the BART station. Lots of waiting for them to catch up since they may have had a few beers. 

See how long it took us to walk to the other side of the bridge lol. It got dark! It was really pretty all lit up though.

After we got back to the BART station on our side we all went to eat at this restaurant. At like 11 pm lol. Scott and I shared a pulled pork sandwich which he inhaled. I swear I think he just put the whole thing in his mouth at once. Big guy problems lol.

Well I made the kid get off the internet so I could post this since he was slowing it down. Weird how the laptops just zap it all up but the desktop that it's actually plugged into seems to get the least amount of juice. 
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Olga's Baby Shower

Melissa and I got invited to a baby shower for my niece. She's Scott's brother's sister's son's wife. LOL

I haven't spent all that time around her but the shower was local and I thought it was really nice that they invited me so we went. Every one was super nice and friendly there. It was a pretty small shower with just a couple friends and family. I didn't realize until later that she had three sisters there. Apparently she has SIX sisters a four brothers. Crazy. 

I actually won the guess how many diapers in the cake game. Crazy. Not bad for a guess! I guessed 106 and there were 107.

They had super nice prizes for everyone here's mine!

My sister in law brought Scott's mom. She looked really good. (with Melissa)

Mommy to be

Poopy diaper game, so gross lol

All these were from the new grandma. I think she's excited ;)

They are going to name the baby Evelyn, which is Scott's mom's name (baby's great grandma) which is cool :)

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wildcat 10K

This our morning so far:
Scott: They're showing the same movie again (that we just watched) 
Me: That means it's time to change the channel 
Scott: Well I did miss the beginning 
Me: But it's not like you don't know how it started Scott: Watches the same movie he just watched

At least it's a movie I like (A League of Their Own)

So yesterday was super busy and I'm SO SORE.

I signed up for the Wildcat 10k. My friend Heather is a great motivator to get me out for runs. She usually does the 1/2 marathons but she downgraded this time since she needed to get back home earlier. 

This race started pretty funny. Jog over the finish line, go about 50 feet then everyone puts on the brakes and is walking to get through a gate and make a turn to STRAIGHT UP HILL. Yeah no running up that for me. This whole race was one giant uphill (except for this really short section in the middle that was flat-er) so I mostly walked the whole thing. I tried to run most of the downhills but some were just too steep and I'm too chicken that I'm going to slip and break a hip or something.

It was pretty though! This was like part way up the first big hill
the welcoming committee, the one at the far end in the picture would say "MOOOOO" when someone went by lol
AND just when I thought I had got to the top of the hill I look forward and see that no, there is one more BIG freaking hill.

Blew out the toe in my sock as usual lol
earned a couple Fitbit badges too so that's fun.
After we got home I had 1/2 an hour to relax and then I had to get ready to go to a baby shower. No after run nap for me!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch

I took my Mom to Trader Vic's in Emeryville for the Mother's Day brunch. Oh my God it was so good! It's probably a good thing this place isn't just a bit closer or I'd be spending a lot more money there haha.

We got there a tiny bit early for our reservation (The traffic to the bay area is always so unpredictable you have to allow a lot of just in case time!) so we sat at the bar. We had some non alcoholic drinks since we had mimosas coming with brunch and my mom's like "and you have to drive home" ;)

They had beautiful fresh flower arrangements all over. This one was in the bathroom!

All you can eat buffet. Where do you start? 

Just roll me home

We had a little table and mom was facing the bay with nice view

Totally gorgeous and a great time! 

At home Melissa got me some flowers and I got some really nice cards :)

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Monday, May 16, 2016


Time to do another RANDOM post. (also known as a picture dump!)

I've been playing bingo almost every Wednesday. Sometimes I actually a couple bucks lol

They have white elephant type gifts that people bring to donate. Everyone gets a ticket when they come in and at the intermission you can "win" something. Sometimes it's just crap but I got my friend a vase to use for her wedding lol. (the big one not the little one they threw in)

Ahhh fire pit bonfires at my friend's house. Talk about good times!

Saw these in the store the other day. Anyone else remember these tasting like chalk?

Hey I won something!

This is the levee over by my  mom's house. The club used to mow it, then the levee people said to stop mowing it they were going to take care of it. Soon it will catch on fire, I'm sure. Then they'll say they weren't responsible right?

Found these at Costco, yeeehaww

I've been doing some filing stuff at work. These folders are like little knives

My beautiful Jessica

My beautiful Melissa. Doesn't she look like a rock star? (stole both their pics lol)

This is my neighbor's house that usually has tons of junk around it BUT they have been fixing it up a little here and there. I noticed the shutters the other day, I thought they were cute!

I won Roses at bingo one day :)

Sunsets! I'm so glad it's getting dark later now so we can enjoy the sunsets at the end of the day (when it's not windy boo)

Went for a walk one day on my lunch hour at work. I know where to get some pine cones if I need them.

Anyone else's kids always fall asleep in the car? Must need the sleep so he can grow 12 more inches taller.

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