Sunday, July 31, 2022


Good morning happy over cast Sunday!  Maybe it will end up being cooler today but I doubt it.

I was a good girl yesterday and attacked my to do project right away. I went from this

To this

All this is getting donated. The big blue tub of fleece I gave to a neighbor gal who has a ton of grandkids and she likes to make stuff out of it. It takes up way too much room for me. She picked it up immediately so that was nice.

Stole this from Jess, look at her! So cute! She's filling out now.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday sewing. I kept hearing "The puppies! The puppies are here!!" My kids watched that movie 500000 times lol. I have everything cut out except for the batting. I am showered and dressed so I can go to Joanns in a bit and get some. Also hopefully Hospice will take all the stuff to donate so I can get it out of my car. 

I got side tracked by all the scraps I had and spent a few hours trying this method of sewing them onto paper. Most people use those calculator rolls but I didn't have one so just used some copy paper strips I had saved. I don't know if it is because of the paper weight I had but I didn't like that a lot of the edges came undone when I took the paper off. Probably won't do it that way again. I ended up ironing them onto some interfacing to hold them together better. When I use them for something I'll have to make sure and use a wider seam allowance to catch all those loose seams.

Tina was so annoying yesterday. Finally gave her a bunch of loving and she retreated to her napping box.  She's like who me? I'm not annoying!

I need to so some laundry today too :( I hate doing laundry. Would be so much easier if it was in the house and not across the yard. Although I should get up and stretch more instead of sitting at my sewing table all day. 

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Saturday, July 30, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I've been awake for hours already. Dang animals!

On my lunch yesterday I went to the flea market and walked around just a tiny bit. I was there a bit too late so there wasn't much to look at. One of these days I want to go there on a Saturday when it is actually full. There are hardly any people selling on Fridays now. Look at this poor Jessie. 

Delicious lunch. These noodles don't look fancy but they are so good. They are a tiny bit crunchy and that kabob thing is the bomb.

After work I came home for a bit then went down to the bar to hang out with my friend Cassi and play darts. Traci was there too and this girl named Ann so we all played a round of cricket and I won!

Then Traci left but I won the next game too. That was exciting. I'm definitely going to sign up for dart season again when they have the next round. It is a lot of fun.

Someone brought some jello shots too, they were yummy. Scott actually came down and hung out for a bit and then came back to the house. He stayed the night and made some coffee before going to his mom's this morning. He said he'll come back later but we'll see ;)

Ok here it is, today's job. Bring this in the house and sort it out a bit.

I brought the black bag in to start. We've got tons of vintage zippers, some burlap, some cute Easter picks and some cute cow fabrics.

It is already hot in my house. Going to have to changed AC from 78 to 70 again. 

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Friday, July 29, 2022


Good morning happy FriYeah! 

Today is my brother Louie's birthday he is 41. He is the baby in the front here. My cousin Randy is in the back, he is 3 weeks older than Louie. We don't see him much since he moved to Missouri.

I saw this this morning. Who would think we'd be excited to see gas at 4.99. 

Last night I finished the rest of the keychains I was working on

All the keychains from my last batch. Should be good on Belle and Cinderella forever lol

Since it was kind of late I didn't want to start on the boxes of stuff to go through, I am promising myself I will work on that tomorrow!

I pulled out my "D" Disney fabrics and have Dalmatians and a couple Dumbo's to worth on. Got them cut up. Need to pick out some linings for the blue and red pups then cut the batting. We'll see if I have enough. I was going to buy some when I went to Joanns but it was not on sale and I needed the interfacing more and used my coupon on that. Not paying full price for ANYTHING there if I can help it with all their coupons they have floating around. 

I woke up with a sinus headache this morning. Probably from sleeping with the window open. We'll see if I make it all day at work. I just took some ibuprofen. I did nasal spray before I left for work and that helped a little. 

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Thursday, July 28, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Yesterday along with working from home I got some little Daniel playtime in.  Uncle Trevor ordered a new computer chair and the box is fun for everyone. 

I finally cleaned off the kitchen table a big mess I had in the entry way/living room area. It lasted about 5 minutes. Trevor ordered some stuff form Amazon and even though I asked him twice to clean up the mess the boxes and misc crap was still there this morning. :) 

Reading ALL the books. He sat there for a long time looking at them all.

Trevor had this big blue blanket spread out on the floor and Daniel grabbed it, came to me, wrapped himself up and we sat together until we both fell asleep lol. Luckily I woke up before him.

Got to get some Lilly snuggles when I took him home.

I almost finished the keychains I've been working on. I know it is a lot of the same characters but I'll just put the extras to the side at the craft shows. They were almost all partially assembled in a box so this way it gets them to the stuff that can be sold box haha

Just have these to finish up then I will rebox the stuff my aunt & uncle brought over. I got the clean boxes ready yesterday. 

Yesterday I cooked a beef roast in the crock pot, that is the best way to make dinner. Surprisingly I found one that wasn't costing an arm and a leg. I have 2 pork roasts I bought to cook soon too. I should look up some more recipes it is nice that it doesn't make the house all hot too.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Yesterday I got a few things done. 

Belle bags



I just have the keychains to finish for B's and C's.

I got more of the little boxes I ordered and worked on my fabric organization some more. 

It's about time for another book case I think. 

I went over to my friend Carolyn's to swim after work. Jess came and brought the kids. It was a nice mellow evening.

I got home around 10 and passed out.

Today I will probably work on keychains and try to get those done. Then I need to do some more clean up in my sewing room. Oh and bring in that stuff from my aunt & uncle!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Good morning happy work at home Tuesday. Although I was already getting frustrated at my coworkers lol. Simon finally went in the other room and Lucy stopped trying to sit on my laptop. 

Today we are supposed to go swimming at my friends house after work. I kind of don't want to go but I'm sure it will be fun once we get there. (staying home sounds nice lol) I need to figure out where my bathing suit went or just wear my old one. Might just wear the old one since that takes less effort haha.

Yesterday at work they were putting down new concrete in this area. The trees next to it are crepe myrtles and they have been in full bloom. The other day I saw them take a leaf blower to it to knock some of the flowers off. I was thinking how annoyed they must have been yesterday trying to do the concrete and all these little flower buds kept falling into it. I'm sure it made the job take way longer than it should have. Poor planning on the time of year to do that lol. Plus it's been in the 100's so super hot out. Hopefully they will get done with this concrete work soon. I think they still have to pour one more area to the right but they might have done that yesterday.

For lunch I went to the place down the road that makes their tortillas when you order. I got a quesadilla and a medium drink and it was $16 and change. OUCH! I won't be going there anymore unless it is a special occasion. It's good but that is too much  money for lunch.

After work I went to go use the bathroom across the complex since we still cannot use ours and it was locked! TG it wasn't an emergency but sheesh. So drove to Joanns but it took forever with all the commuter traffic on the freeway. I was fixing to just get off and take back roads when POOF it just takes off. So weird. Nothing was there slowing it down. 

I got my interfacing and the box of thread was on sale for $20 so I got that since I'm out of a lot of colors all of a sudden. I took a cruise down the character aisle and they had a sign that said 50% off licensed fabric so I picked a few. Of course it wasn't really 50% off it was only licensed HOLIDAY fabric which there wasn't even any that I remember in that area. Cheaters. So I paid a bit more than I was wanting to but I had some coupons. 

I picked up Jess and crew some dinner from McD's and took it over there and hung out on the patio for awhile. 

My friend Cassi asked if I wanted to play darts so I went home and changed my baby barf shirt and met her down at the bar. There was a bunco game going in the kitchen and the bar was closing in 20 minutes so no darts. We keep forgetting it closes at 8 on Mondays. We hung out on the patio outside and chatted until the bugs were biting too much. 

I came home and finished up these bags. Still need to iron them. We'll see if I get anything else finished up today.

My aunt and uncle dropped off some more stuff so I really should bring that in off the porch too. I could use like 12 more hours in my day today ;)

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Monday, July 25, 2022


Good morning it's Monday again! Made it into work even though I don't want to be here. Bleh.

Yesterday I finished off my Alice In Wonderland bags and keychains 

and Jasmine and Rajah

For B's I only had Beauty and The Beast (no Beast in sight), and one random Bambi keychain I had started awhile back. For C we have lots of Cars and Coco. I just need to sew around the edges for the bags and they will be done. I was out of interfacing so I'll need to get that to finish up the keychains. Most of them were already partially assembled in my box. Lots of Belle's. I may or may not do them all but I think I will try to do them to get them out of my partially made box.

My aunt and uncle came by and brought me some sewing stuff from her mom's garage. She said they might have more since this was not even in her current sewing area. Mostly just peeked inside and saw some vintage precut quilt type things. They were a little dusty so I haven't brought them in yet. I think I will rebox them into my clean boxes before bringing them inside. 

Scott never came home. I texted him around 6 and he said he got busy doing laundry and dishes. Like how much was there to wash? I think that's the equivalent to I have to wash my hair. A bit disappointing.

This morning the little yard kittens were out when I went to leave for work. Horrible picture but I can't blow it up anymore since it gets grainy. Can't get too close without them scattering. 

After work I'm going to go to Joanns and get some stuff (interfacing mostly) and then probably work on my sewing projects. Tomorrow my friend planned an after work swim day so we'll see if that gets cancelled by then or not lol.

OH and I got accepted for a craft show on October 30th in Fremont so that will be nice. I was thinking this morning thought that if they do trunk or treat this year for the kids on Saturday I'll miss it. Forgot about that when I signed up!

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Sunday, July 24, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Up bright and early thanks to Simon thinking I'm a chew toy.

Yesterday I worked on my A Disney prints some more. I'm almost done.

Aladdin (pretty sure I had at least one more of those zip bags but Tina hid it somewhere)

Misc Jasmin fabric keychains

Alice In Wonderland


I made bunch more keychains but I need to finish up these bags that they match with first. More Alice & Jasmin with her tiger (need to look up his name)

Scott came home to hang out and fix the lawnmower. Jess brought the kiddos over to hang out and visit with him. 

2 minutes after they left lol. After about an hour he finally went out and fixed the lawn mower. He said he's coming back today so hopefully he'll mow the really high patch in the front yard. So weird how there is just one section that is really high. 

We decided to go to dinner and I picked the Mexican restaurant we went to last time. There was a bit of a wait but they take your phone number and call you when the table is ready is that is nice. It was super hot so we waited in the car with the AC. It didn't take too long to get a table but then we sat there for 30 minutes or more before they even took our order. We had drinks and chips that we devoured. If I wasn't an honest person I could have got up and left and they wouldn't have noticed for awhile lol.

Eventually we got our food. This looks great but it was underwhelming. No real flavor to it. I added some salsa but we didn't have much since they never brought the chips and salsa refill they said they would. I brought my left overs home, I have some salsa here to add for a snack later lol.

My friend Kristin sent me this picture of a tooth fairy pillow I sold to her and stuff she put with it for her daughter. Super cute! 

Early in the day she had done Instacart for a gift for Jess for the kids. Diapers, baby laundry soap and some nice lotion. I swear my friends are way better than any aunts and uncles my kids have that are blood. I don't think any of those actually even gave her any baby presents.

I saw this on Facebook last night, and commented that she needed a break from her kids. It got a lot of laughs and likes and someone put "and grandkids" lol. I don't know how many times I've said I need a break and just want to run away. Apparently she did too. I'm sure none of the kids wanted to go with her haha.

Ok off to get another cup of coffee then it's time to get busy and finish up these bags! Not sure what I have for "B" other than Beauty and the Beast. I know I had a ton of Belle keychains started already so I'll finish those up for sure. 

Oh and my aunt sent me a message yesterday that they were going through her mom's stuff (her mom passed away last month or so) and she had some fabric and do I want it? OF COURSE I DO!  She said they'll bring it over this week. More fabric sorting in the future. 


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